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Snowmobile Accessory Reviews

Latest Snowmobile Accessory Reviews

Accessories for the CKX 2023 Kit

Daniel had the opportunity to try the CKX Technogrip gloves, the CKX Muklite Evo boots and the CKX Contact Artik helmet from the CKX kit.

Klim Technical Riding Gear Review

During the 2021-22 snowmobile season, Jim tested some new pieces of Klim Technical Riding Gear. This article will give you more details.

Review: Ski-Doo 1+1 Linq Seat System

Mathieu tried out the Ski-Doo 1+1 Linq seat that allows him to transform his snowmobile into a touring vehicle and thus have a passenger.

Review of BRP’s Smart Shox shocks

Yves tested the Smart Shox suspension. This technology, developed by BRP, makes it possible to tackle the toughest trails.
Olivier est très content de sa plateforme Marlon.

Marlon Xplore Pro II Truck deck

Our collaborator Olivier shares his impressions on the Marlon Xplore Pro II truck deck as he is in his 2nd year of use.

Accessory spotlight : Polaris Lock and Ride Flex

For 2021, Polaris introduced 9 easy on, easy off Lock & Ride Flex accessories that mate directly to Matryx models.

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