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Choosing the right Runners: a review of Qualipièces’ Rush Runners

On my personal snowmobiles, I’ve always preferred to use the manufacturer’s original runners. I’ve been hearing about the quality of Qualipièces carbide runners for several years now. I’ve often heard about Cobra carbide runners. So, this year, I opted for a Qualipièces carbide runner kit. I’ve had a chance to try out the Rush carbide runners, and I’d like to share my impressions with you.

Introduction to My Review

There are healds for every type of driver and every taste. Some are designed for best curve handling, others for anti-sway and others for driveability. On the Qualipièces website and packaging, there’s a mini-reference scale assigning a rating to each of these three features. This thoughtful approach allows the rider to choose a ski model based on their specific needs.

Rush Skis Runners

First and foremost, the ski itself adopts a noticeably square shape compared to the original Polaris ski on my snowmobile. Additionally, the carbide surface on the ski is larger in the Rush model. It’s important to note that the Rush model I’m testing features an 8-inch carbide surface, whereas the original ski I use only has 6 inches. It’s worth mentioning that the Rush model is also available with a 6-inch carbide surface.

When comparing an original ski to the Rush model, it’s immediately apparent that the Rush ski contains more carbide than the original Polaris skis. To the naked eye, one can easily observe that the material thickness is more than double. In the following photo, my original skis may appear worn, despite being less than a year old.

Installation of Rush Skis on My Snowmobile

As for the installation, for this model, it was remarkably straightforward. I didn’t even need to remove the skis from the snowmobile. What I did was unscrew all the bolts from my two original skis. I took a snowmobile lever that I typically used to lift the track and raised the front. This allowed me to remove the two original skis and place the replacement in position. There was no need for any specific adjustments; everything went smoothly. Subsequently, it was just a matter of putting the bolts back in place and tightening them.

In summary, the installation process was quick. My main challenge was being away from home and having to search for tools everywhere. However, it’s important to note that some models may be a bit more complex to install. For instance, with the Trek model, it’s necessary to align and drill a hole at the front of the ski keel. Nevertheless, the website provides relevant information for a proper installation, and the instructions are very well explained.

My Trial of Rush Skis Runners

I didn’t have the opportunity to try them for an extended period last winter. However, right from the first few kilometers, I immediately noticed a significant difference. The trails were excessively icy due to a lack of snow in the region, and the handling was challenging. It was like night and day in terms of turning. The contrast with the original ski was evident, providing a much better bite. The grip was markedly improved. What I perceive is that the Rush skis, optimized for turns, offer impressive traction.

These skis are installed on my personal snowmobile, with my skis adjusted to 36 inches. As a result, there’s a much steeper inclination, enhancing the bite even further. On a similar snowmobile equipped with the original suspension or even on a trail snowmobile, the performance would have been significantly better.


In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed these skis. Their performance was outstanding, and besides being highly effective, they offered excellent value for money. It is likely that in the future, I will no longer opt for original skis when I need replacements. This experience has been a delightful discovery for me, and a big thank you to SledMagazine.com and Qualipièces for allowing me to conduct this test.

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