MDX Ice scratchers—Put Away Your Drill and Bits!

mdx ice scratchers

As the season comes to an end, we often find ourselves dealing with hardened and icy trail conditions in the mornings. Springtime conditions soften the snow, but at night, when the mercury drops below freezing, that snow hardens. The next day, there’s no more snow dust, which can cause overheating on our slides and engine. I tried out the MDX ice scratchers, and here’s how they stand out from the competition.

Installing Traditional Ice Scratchers

There are many types of ice scratchers on the market. Most of these install on the rear suspension rails. The problem is that they usually require drilling at least one hole in each rail.

Since the rails of modern snowmobiles are increasingly perforated, the places where you can drill are often limited. In some cases, it’s not possible to place the ice scratchers in the optimal location.

So, the snow or ice “dust” generated isn’t “sucked” into the tunnel to reach the radiator(s) and, in some cases, the entirety of the slides. The intended effect is therefore not optimal.

Also, personally, I’m not very inclined to drill holes in the rails. So, I opt for scratchers attached under the running boards or on one of the rear suspension mounting points. However, this sometimes complicates their installation.

MDX Ice Scratchers

Installing the MDX Ice Scratchers

What sets MDX ice scratchers apart from others is the fact that, for the majority of models, there’s no need to drill holes. Indeed, MDX’s clever design utilizes existing holes on the rails. This speeds up installation while keeping the rails intact.

The downside is that each of these scratchers is designed for a specific rail model. They may not necessarily be reusable if you own two snowmobiles. However, the ice scratchers are affordable.

MDX Ice Scratchers
MDX Ice Scratchers retracted
MDX Ice Scratchers
MDX Ice Scratchers deployed

For installation, you’ll need a wrench and a ½-inch socket. It’s as simple as can be! You identify the installation location and place the two plates on either side of the rail. Insert the spring bolt at the front of the plate and the retaining bolt at the back. Make sure the second bolt passes through the spring retainer ring. This will prevent the spring from rotating on itself.

MDX Ice Scratchers
MDX Ice Scratchers – The only two tools needed for installation

Tighten both bolts and repeat this procedure on the other rail. Of course, you need to lift the rear of the snowmobile when installing MDX ice scratchers.

The designer has provided a spot at the back of the outer plate to hang the end of the scratcher when you don’t want to deploy it.

MDX Ice Scratchers
MDX Ice Scratchers – Stopper for hanging the scratcher when you don’t want to use it.

Finally, each MDX ice scratcher has two rollers. This allows us to reverse even if the scratchers are on the ground.

On the Trails

Despite the season ending abruptly, I still managed to test out the MDX ice scratchers. They perform well, and I’m very satisfied.

If you’re looking for effective ice scratchers that are easy to install and don’t require drilling any holes in your rails, I highly recommend the MDX ice scratchers.

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