Snowmobile Clothing Reviews

Latest Snowmobile Clothing Reviews

tobe ventus heated helmet

TOBE Ventus Heated Helmet First Impressions

Experience the versatility of the TOBE Ventus Heated Helmet! Marc shares his first impressions and expectations for this innovative gear.

509 Powerline Jacket and Highpants: Warm, Stylish, and Comfortable

Discover the 509 Powerline jacket and highpants set. The perfect partner for warm and comfortable snowmobiling rides.
Tekvest Trailsport

The Tekvest Trailsport jacket: protection at its peak!

The Tekvest Trailsport protective jacket is a lightweight and ultra-resistant accessory that protects the upper body without compromise.
bottes nimbus de tobe nimbus boots

Tobe’s Nimbus Boots: A Must-have on the Trails

Tobe's Nimbus boots are a must-have for this season. They are warm, comfortable, waterproof and offer great support for added safety.
Ensemble Ski-doo Exodus X-TEAM

Introduction of Ski-doo’s Exodus Clothing Set

Take a first look at the various characteristics that make Ski-doo's Exodus X-TEAM snowmobile clothing an asset on the trails.

Review: KLIM Resistor HTD Heated Gloves

Brief analysis of Klim's Resistor HTD heated gloves. Well-insulated and comfortable, albeit a bit heavy, they are sure to please you.
Ensemble de motoneige BRP Absolut 0 Snowmobile gear

Review of the BRP Absolute 0 Sled Gear

Read all about BRP's Absolute 0 snowmobile coat, bib, gloves and mittens. Their many attributes make them a great partner for winter.
manteau matelassé ski-doo

Ski-Doo Puffer Welded Jacket: An Introduction

The Ski-Doo puffer welded jacket is ideal as an underlayer to protect against extreme cold, but it can also serve as a daily-use coat.

Ski-Doo Enduro 2024 Snowmobile Gear: An Introduction

Ski-Doo introduces the 2024 Enduro snowmobile gear, an ideal set for a long ride on the trails and snowy days.
Casque Oxygen SE 2024 Helmet

BRP’s Oxygen SE 2024 Helmet: First Impressions

Discover the BRP Oxygen SE 2024 helmet: lightweight, excellent visibility, and protection against air infiltrations. Ideal for winter!


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