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2024 Polaris 9R Snowmobile with Series 9 3.25” Track

Jim tested the Polaris Pro RMK 9R Slash 165 2024 with the new 9 Series track - 3.25" and find out why it's his favorite.

Yamaha 2024 Snowmobiles – Manufacturer opts for status quo

Aside from the introduction of new color schemes and some very minor modifications, the 2024 Yamaha snowmobiles remain unchanged.

Uncharted Society Brings Selema Masekela On New Adventures

BRP Experiences is pleased to announce that Selema Masekela will be experiencing a series of ultimate adventures on BRP playgrounds.

The Chassis that changed everything: the evolution of the Ski-Doo REV Platform

Apart from the invention of the snowmobile, there are several dates to consider that have marked its evolution, including that of the chassis.

BRP empowering women riders to get in the driver’s seat

On International Women's Day, and for every day thereafter, BRP Inc. is proud to stand with women around the world.

Everything You Should Know About 2024 Polaris Snowmobiles

Polaris, one of the leaders in the recreational vehicle industry, is once again offering us some great innovations for 2024.

Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC Turbo R with Competition Package – The ultimate trail snowmobile for 2024

The launch of the Ski-Doo 2024 lineup answered many questions, especially about the Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC Turbo R 2024.

Patience snowmobilers, winter is coming back!

What a strange winter... We can say that Mother Nature has sent us her full palette of weather events since the beginning of the season.

Are New Brunswick’s trail shelters unique?

With many years of experience and has travelled extensively in Canada, Ross describes the shelters in New Brunswick and Canada.

Snowmobile Safety on Water Surfaces

Unfortunately, several deaths have been recorded due to the audacity of certain snowmobilers who venture onto water surfaces.