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sidewinder x-tx le eps

2025 Revelation: Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE EPS— The Epilogue of a Legend

The 2025 Sidewinder X-TX LE EPS: Yamaha’s ultimate hybrid edition, combining comfort and power for unparalleled adventures.
2025 RMK SP 2025

2025 Polaris RMK SP: A Surprising Mountain Dominator

The 2025 Polaris RMK SP is a game changer in the world of mountain sleds. Read about its surprising performance, versatility, and impressive features.
2025 SX Venom 2025

2025 SX Venom: My Favourite Yamaha Mountain Snowmobile

Jim talks about Yamaha’s 2025 SX Venom, the ultimate mountain sled for new riders and seasoned enthusiasts alike.
mxz x-rs

MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC — Power, Comfort and Agility… I Couldn’t Resist

Experience the power and agility of the new 2025 MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC equipped with the new RAS RX front suspension.
sx venom

SXVenom vs. SideWinder MTX: Yamaha 2025 Mountain Sled Buyer’s Guide

Explore Yamaha's 2025 Mountain Sleds: SideWinder MTX vs. SX Venom. Find out why the SXVenom's accessibility and fun make it a favourite.
Arctic Cat ZR 858 137 2025

Arctic Cat 2025 Favourite: Anticipation, Disappointment, and Pleasant Surprise

Thoughts on the 2025 Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup, from anticipation to the revelation of my favourite, the ZR 858 137.
April Fool's

Exclusive: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Will Soon be Available for Snowmobiles and ATVs!

The imminent arrival of the hydrogen fuel cell, a revolutionary eco-friendly alternative for off-road vehicles.
2025 mxz x-rs 2025

2025 MXZ X-RS: Small changes, big improvements?

Between an improved front suspension and more aggressive skis, the 2025 MXZ X-RS model offers a more precise and stable ride.
2025 backcountry x-rs 2025

2025 Backcountry X-RS: My Favourite for the Second Year in a Row!

Discover the performance and innovations that make the 2025 Backcountry X-RS 2025 an exceptional snowmobile.
2025 summit x 2025

2025 Summit X: Height of Refinement?

Unleash peak snowmobile performance with the 2025 Summit X. Revolutionary design, powerful Rotax 850 Turbo engine, agile 154" track.

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