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sidewinder x-tx le eps

2025 Revelation: Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE EPS— The Epilogue of a Legend

The 2025 Sidewinder X-TX LE EPS: Yamaha’s ultimate hybrid edition, combining comfort and power for unparalleled adventures.
2025 RMK SP 2025

2025 Polaris RMK SP: A Surprising Mountain Dominator

The 2025 Polaris RMK SP is a game changer in the world of mountain sleds. Read about its surprising performance, versatility, and impressive features.
2025 SX Venom 2025

2025 SX Venom: My Favourite Yamaha Mountain Snowmobile

Jim talks about Yamaha’s 2025 SX Venom, the ultimate mountain sled for new riders and seasoned enthusiasts alike.
2025 summit x 2025

2025 Summit X: A Surprising Contender

Explore Ski-Doo’s 2025 Summit X: Its powerful turbo engine, smooth ride, and advanced features impressed at the 2024 Snow Shoot.
mdx ice scratchers

MDX Ice scratchers—Put Away Your Drill and Bits!

Denis talks about the advantages of MDX ice scratchers and their easy installation that doesn’t require any drilling.

Opinion Piece: This Winter That Would Never Come

Winter 2024: The disappointment of a new sled enthusiast faced with a brown winter in this testimony full of humour and frustration.
mxz x-rs

MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC — Power, Comfort and Agility… I Couldn’t Resist

Experience the power and agility of the new 2025 MXZ X-RS 850 E-TEC equipped with the new RAS RX front suspension.
sx venom

SXVenom vs. SideWinder MTX: Yamaha 2025 Mountain Sled Buyer’s Guide

Explore Yamaha's 2025 Mountain Sleds: SideWinder MTX vs. SX Venom. Find out why the SXVenom's accessibility and fun make it a favourite.
Arctic Cat ZR 858 137 2025

Arctic Cat 2025 Favourite: Anticipation, Disappointment, and Pleasant Surprise

Thoughts on the 2025 Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup, from anticipation to the revelation of my favourite, the ZR 858 137.
2025 mxz x-rs 2025

2025 MXZ X-RS: Small changes, big improvements?

Between an improved front suspension and more aggressive skis, the 2025 MXZ X-RS model offers a more precise and stable ride.

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