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Yamaha 2025—What can we expect?

Discover what you can expect from the Yamaha 2025 snowmobiles. Relive with us the history of this manufacturer.
expédition premières nations | First Nations Expedition

First Nations Expedition: Day 15 | An Emotional End

On this last day of the First Nations Expedition, the participants face their last hurdles before they have to say goodbye.
ski-doo 2025

Our Ski-Doo 2025 Predictions

Jean-François shares his predictions on the Ski-Doo 2025 models just weeks before the manufacturer's unveiling at BRP Club.
expédition premières nations | first nations expeditiom

First Nations Expedition: Day 14 | Saint-Michel-des-Saints To La Tuque

It's Day 14 of the First Nations Expedition. After riding in perfect trail conditions, the participants take in their last moments together.
expédition premières nations / first nations expedition

First Nations Expedition: Day 13 | Fatigue and Festivities

After thirteen days in the First Nations Expedition, fatigue is settled in and mechanical issues are more frequent.

First Nations Expedition: Day 12 | Mutual Aid and Success

Day 11 of the First Nations Expedition and Pascal talks about how participants help each other out and introduces us to Randy Weizineau.

What’s in Store for Us With Polaris in 2025?

A few weeks before the unveiling of the 2025 Polaris snowmobile models, Denis presents his predictions for this highly anticipated lineup.
entretien des freins | brake maintenance

Mechanics: Hydraulic Brake Maintenance for Snowmobiles

Brake maintenance on your snowmobile is a key element of your safety. Sébastien explains how to do it step by step.

First Nations Expedition: Day 11 | Roller Coaster Ride and Star of the Day

Day 11 of the First Nations Expedition and Pascal introduces us to Carl Antoine Fontaine, who used to be an Indigenous police officer.

1000 Mile Challenge: Sending Kids to Summer Camps

Learn about the 1000 Mile Challenge and how it has been helping hundreds of kids to go to summer camp in the past four years.


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