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Snowmobile Sales in Spring 2023 – A Return to Normal?

We can now (Spring 2023) expect new snowmobile sales to slowly return to normal, which is excellent news for the industry!

Favorite Yamaha 2024: Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS

According to Patrick, the Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX GT is definitely a great value in the 2-up touring snowmobile category.

Denis’ Arctic Cat 2024 favorite: The ZR 600 137 Snowmobile

At the last Snowshoot 2023, Denis had a crush on the Arctic Cat ZR 600 137 2024 snowmobile with new Catalyst chassis.

Widescape is making its first deliveries of WS250s across Canada

The Saguenayan company Widescape defies all the standards of the snowmobile industry by offering us a standing snowmobile.

A visit from our French Cousins

A friend of Daniel's asked to plan a week-long hike for him and five other Frenchmen. Here's an article describing how it went.

Ski-Doo 2024 Favorite: Backcountry X-RS 850 E-TEC 146

In this article, find out why Patrick was excited to try the Backcountry X-RS 850 E-TEC from Ski-Doo 2024.

End-of-Season Maintenance of your Snowmobile

Spring is coming and/or your season is over. The end of season maintenance will have to be done, we tell you how to do it here.

Mathieu’s Arctic Cat Snowmobile pick for 2024

It's been a long wait, but Arctic Cat has finally delivered a new chassis for 2024. Mathieu tells us more about it in this article.

2024 Polaris 9R Snowmobile with Series 9 3.25” Track

Jim tested the Polaris Pro RMK 9R Slash 165 2024 with the new 9 Series track - 3.25" and find out why it's his favorite.

Yamaha 2024 Snowmobiles – Manufacturer opts for status quo

Aside from the introduction of new color schemes and some very minor modifications, the 2024 Yamaha snowmobiles remain unchanged.