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Snowmobiling: a happiness creator!

Don't turn down an opportunity to talk about snowmobiling or go for a ride, it can contribute to your happiness and spread it.

Snowmobile Safety on Water Surfaces

Unfortunately, several deaths have been recorded due to the audacity of certain snowmobilers who venture onto water surfaces.

Long riding Season in Edmundston, New Brunswick

Ross describes the region, the culture and the long snowmobile season in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Great gear will equal a great experience 

If you are new to snowmobiling or helping someone interested in it, you should help them focus on the gear they choose to wear.

Ski-Doo’s REV chassis: A revolution for 20 years!

The introduction of the REV chassis for the 2003 model year at Ski-Doo was a big turning point for the snowmobile industry.

Are you a Day Tripper or Saddle Bagger?

In Eastern Canada, we generally fall into two groups of snowmobilers. We enjoy our rides as "day-trippers" or as "saddle-baggers".
Rencontre avec Jessy « Poire » Poirier

Meet Jessy “Poire ” Poirier: an off-road athlete out of the ordinary!

In the world of off-trail snowmobile celebrities, several names come instantly to mind, including Jessy " Poire " Poirier.

Rock Suspension: The affordable, high-performance solution to Ski-Doo Expedition suspensions

Rock Suspension: Marc Thibeault's affordable, high-performance solution to Ski-Doo Expedition suspensions.
Nouveautés Artic Cat 2023

Arctic Cat 2023 Overview

In this article, find a detailed overview of Arctic Cat's new products and models for the 2022-2023 season.

Polaris 2024 – What does the manufacturer have in store for us?

Sitting in his living room, Denis' mind wanders and he tries to imagine what the Polaris people have in store for 2024.