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2025 Polaris RMK SP: A Surprising Mountain Dominator

2025 RMK SP 2025

While in my morning excitement and anticipation of what today’s testing was going to bring, I did not think the 2025 RMK SP was going to be my favourite machine. In a world of high horsepower turbos, strokers, and big bores this machine surprised the hell out of me. I was amazed at the ease of rideability that Polaris has managed to achieve, especially in a base model package. The Patriot 650 engine is extremely controllable but plenty of power to get into some gnarly terrain. The setup of the Matryx chassis was very forgiving but still managed to be precise. From the seasoned mountain riders on our crew to the more novice riders, we all agreed Polaris did a great job with this machine.

The Matryx

Throughout our testing I was impressed with the diversity and adaptability that Polaris has managed to do with their Matryx chassis. We rode the Khaos, which could be set up for wild wheelies, to the RMK, that was set up for nothing but straight business. The 2025 RMK SP seemed to hit both extremes but managed to land right in the middle. I know this seems counterintuitive, but it does it.

The first sidehill lines I tried were easy to get over on edge. Then, holding the balance point was a natural and neutral position, making adjustments came naturally and were predictable. Then, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to see if it could re-entry. Turns out it can… with a little effort. I think this is where it made me a believer. Something that can be so predictable, refined, and mellow then, in the next turn, stand straight up and down left me speechless and smiling.

2025 RMK SP 2025

We did not have an opportunity to test the 2025 RMK SP with upgraded shocks so I cannot speak to them. However, the Polaris IFP shocks felt great. On the trail, it did well in the bumps, sidehilling across old tracks, new tracks, and fresh snow. I did not feel as if it wanted to dart or sway. For a base model shock, I was impressed with its ability to be versatile and adaptable. They aren’t necessarily the best at anything, but they can do everything well.

The Patriot 650 Engine

Up until this year, I had not ridden the Patriot 650 in a mountain chassis. I had anticipated I would have to have it on the bar to do anything. Much to my surprise and pleasure, as I drove the 2025 RMK SP, the 650 proved me wrong. Power was smooth and consistent through the whole rev band. The QuickDrive2 belt drive and clutch worked in perfect sync to yield very smooth engagement and excellent throttle response.

2025 RMK SP 2025

Other Thoughts

In recent years, Polaris has made huge advancements in the Matryx chassis, providing instantaneous lift and predictable sidehilling. The Patriot 650, 850, 9R, and Boost motors all churn out gobs of smooth power. However, this refinement feels lacking in their switches and base model gauges. I don’t know why but it bothers me having these new age machines have the same cockpit feel as my 2012 RMK 800. Yes, they do work, but they’re too recent to be retro.

While I’m on my horse of complaints, I did find the throttle on the 2025 RMK SP felt too long for my liking. In Paul’s perfect world, I would like to try a narrower set of bars on the sled. I found that, turning at full lock, I had to shift my position so the bars wouldn’t run into me.

Final Thoughts

With me being done sounding like a broken record, this 2025 RMK SP setup honestly surprised me. Hence why it is the machine I chose to talk about. I thought for sure either the Patriot 9R or Boost engine in the Khaos was going to be my choice (which they are extremely good sleds). But this one is what surprised me the most. It felt very refined and predictable but still had the ability to surprise me and leave me grinning whilst gallivanting across the hillside.

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