9R Switchback Assault 2025: My Favourite Polaris

une motoneige switchback assault 2025 qui file sur la neige

Following our team’s visit to the latest Snow Shoot for the 2025 models, I can share my favourites. Those days in Montana were filled with excitement testing the latest models from manufacturers. At Polaris, it was the Switchback Assault 2025 equipped with the Patriot 9R engine that truly caught my eye!

Sometimes, affection for certain models comes quickly, while other times it takes a moment of reflection. I admit I had certain expectations for Polaris’ new 650 Titan Adventure. Although not disappointed in any measure, it was relegated to second place when I found myself at the helm of the ultimate multi-segment snowmobile from our Roseau manufacturer.

Polaris’ Patriot 9R Switchback Assault 2025 !

The Switchback Assault 2025 model hasn’t undergone any major changes this year. Its big news primarily lies in the addition of a new choice of motorization. Although the Patriot 9R engine isn’t a new development, many of us were wondering about its availability for non-mountain snowmobiles.

When Polaris unveiled its Patriot 9R engine on mountain snowmobiles in model year 2023, we were eager to know its reach. Trail and multi-segment snowmobile enthusiasts asked themselves, “Hey, when’s our turn?”

The wait is now over! So, for 2025, we can enjoy this surge of horsepower. According to Polaris, this 900 cc “Big bore” belongs to a family of engines with low inertia that originates from a class 600 racing engine. It features a lightweight crankshaft and flywheel, ceramic-coated pistons, and CNC-machined ports. Polaris claims that the Patriot 9R produces 7% more power and 12% more torque than the 850 Patriot.

Why Choose the Patriot 9R Over the Patriot Boost?

The question arises immediately, as the number of HP is quite similar. The answer is straightforward: the Patriot 9R engine is much more robust and never hesitates when I press the accelerator. Even though this difference may be practically imperceptible for an average snowmobiler, the more experienced ones will notice the difference.

The question we can ask ourselves…

How much do we really need such a powerful engine? The answer may seem simple and straightforward. At first glance, the vast majority of snowmobilers have no real need for a snowmobile with so much horsepower. However, it’s so enjoyable to ride that we forget about this superfluous attribute.

What’s It Like on the Trail?

The Switchback Assault 2025, equipped with the Patriot 9R engine, is anything but mundane. That’s the first observation I can make with certainty. It’s gutsy, and is a delight for any experienced snowmobiler like me.

Just cruising on the trail at a fairly respectable speed, I need just to press firmly down on the accelerator for a quick response. This reaction takes us by surprise because it surpasses comprehension. It’s a direct hit to the heart in just a few milliseconds.

Why the Switchback Over the XCR?

Although the XCR also offers the Patriot 9R engine for 2025, I prefer the Switchback. The reason is quite simple: it’s a more versatile snowmobile. It offers the best of both worlds with its 146-inch track for increased traction in any situation.

Moreover, it stands out from the XCR with its uncoupled IGX 146 rear suspension. This gives us greater freedom. Sure, we have much less support from the front skis, but that’s my personal preference! I like feeling that the front of the snowmobile is arching like an animal waiting to be tamed. That’s exactly the sensation this snowmobile gives me… and it’s utterly exhilarating!

A person driving a Switchback Assault 2025 snowmobile in the snow

A Complete Package!

While the Switchback Assault 2025 strikes a balance between the RMK and the INDY, it remains high-performing in every aspect. Its premium Walker Evans Velocity shocks perform effortlessly across all terrains. Many snowmobilers, myself included, greatly appreciate these shocks for their versatility. Their ease and quickness of adjustment allow for changing the vehicle’s handling in no time at all.

The 7S screen with Ride Command is undoubtedly a added value. It greatly enhances the experience aboard this snowmobile. It’s very user-friendly, and the information is quickly accessible at a glance. The screen provides appropriate clarity and brightness and offers intuitive navigation. Additionally, the new five-direction switch on the handlebar further facilitates its use.

Now, let’s talk about the highly appreciated Matryx chassis. This renowned platform offers the best for hours of enjoyment. The narrowness of the front portion of the seat allows for quick maneuvers during weight transfers. Its seat, neither too soft nor too firm, is just right for fully enjoying the snowy spaces we crave.

The Switchback Assault 2025‘s Cobra 15 x 146 x 2.0 track provided enough traction for this powerhouse. You can also choose the track in the 1.6-inch version. However, I don’t recommend it. In my opinion, it won’t do justice to this ultra-powered snowmobile.

a switchback assault 2025 snowmobile in the snow

And Finally, the Verdict.

In conclusion, the Patriot 9R Switchback Assault 146 2025 offers simply incredible results. The unit we recently tested in Montana was responsive, playful, and incredibly powerful. It was fun, especially since there was no lag in power delivery, which can happen with turbo engines. Truth be told, the anticipation of the arrival of the Patriot 9R engine beyond mountain snowmobiles was well worth it!

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