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CKX Alaska Jacket and Pants: Warmth and Comfort Beyond My Expectations!

ensemble ckx alaska

Snowmobiling requires wearing suitable equipment. Otherwise, you won’t experience it at its best. Personally, for several years, I’ve trusted only one manufacturer for clothing worthy of my favourite activity. CKX always meets my needs. That’s why I chose the Alaska jacket and pants to protect myself from the cold this season.

I am a woman who I can describe as sensitive to the cold. I have no qualms about sharing this observation with you. Knowing my condition well, I am better able to equip myself appropriately. That’s why I advocate for clothing with superior insulation. Consequently, I always make an educated choice that exactly matches my needs.

CKX Alaska Jacket

A Feminine Design!

The days are long gone when the selection of snowmobile clothing for women was limited. Our presence is increasingly felt, and manufacturers are making extra efforts to design clothing tailored to our specific needs.

I love a jacket that accentuates my silhouette. And that’s exactly what I get with the CKX Alaska jacket. Its more fitted cut at the hips and flared lower portion leave no doubt about the targeted clientele’s gender.

This jacket covers all parts of my body to which it’s attributed, leaving nothing to chance. The collar provides adequate protection without hindering me when I wear my helmet. Moreover, it doesn’t interfere when I turn my head or make a quick manoeuver.

The hood is removable, so you can take it off or add it according to your preference. Sometimes, when I decide to take a walk outside, it’s a great help against the elements.

A Perfect Colour Combination

I chose the black and turquoise colour scheme for my CKX Alaska outfit. This combination also suits my personality and preferences. Black dominates while turquoise is present without being overwhelming.

A Flexible Material

The CKX Alaska jacket is crafted from flexible materials that allow for unrestricted freedom of movement. It is primarily made of nylon with a small percentage of spandex. The exterior is extremely soft to the touch. These features enable me to face the elements while staying dry. Water droplets remain on the surface, keeping me dry at all times.

Its Insulation

The synthetic PrimaLoft material provides adequate and exceptional insulation. The body is insulated with 200g while the sleeves have 170g. This is more than enough to stay comfortably warm on a trail snowmobile. However, I don’t recommend it for backcountry enthusiasts who will experience excessive sweating during intense activity.

Therefore, its use is exclusively suggested for outdoor activities that require less exertion. I confess, out of pride, I wanted to wear it when I went grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I quickly realized it was way too warm for that kind of activity.

CKX Alaska Pants

The Logical Continuation…

Just like the jacket of the same name, the Alaska pants complete this set for low-intensity activities. It is rightfully described as extremely warm, ideal for long seated rides. Its performance is such that it keeps me warm throughout my long snowmobiling journeys without any constraints.

The Insulation

Its 170g PrimaLoft insulation, with fleece lining at the seat and knees, is perfectly suited to keep me warm all day long. However, this material is not excessive in thickness. These pants don’t make me feel like I’ve gained any unwanted weight.

a woman wearing the ckx alaska clothing set stepping on her snowmobile


The strength of the CKX Alaska pants also lies in its adaptive qualities according to our size. In fact, we can customize it in various ways. Whether it’s the length of the suspenders, the waist contour, or the length of the legs, you can adjust it to your liking according to your physique.

Repelling the Elements

Its outer PrimaLoft material provides a barrier against wind, snow, and water. It allows me to stay dry at all times. All in all, it defends me against the disruptive elements of Mother Nature.

In conclusion, I am completely won over by my CKX Alaska outfit. Once again, this manufacturer meets my expectations perfectly!

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