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RMK Khaos Slash 146: A Polaris RMK Unlike Any Other

2023 rmk khaos slash 2023

Here’s a summary of my experiences with the 2023 Polaris RMK Khaos Slash 146. This winter, the snow wasn’t really abundant. I had to chase it a bit to put this beast to the test. This season, I was fortunate enough to accumulate a few hours off-trail and very few on trail with this vehicle. I’m an intermediate-level rider and have been riding off-trail for about a decade.

The Surprising Machine.

It’s no surprise that this snowmobile put a smile on my face at the first start. No matter your style of riding, you’ll be able to dominate the terrain where you find yourself. This snowmobile is like a Swiss Army knife: it adapts to all terrains and performs according to your will to dominate it.

2023 rmk khaos slash 2023

First Hours in the Mountains.

From my first hours off-trail, I quickly knew that the 2023 RMK Khaos Slash 146 would please me this winter. Its manoeuvrability and flexibility allowed me to discover new facets of this machine.

Not Disappointed With the Power of the Patriot 9R Engine.

I fell in love with the 180 HP of this “Big Bore” 900 cc machine. Wow! It responds to every acceleration request. Hold on tight, because when this power transfers to the 146 × 2.6 Series 6 track, it takes off! Its fuel and oil consumption is equivalent or slightly higher than the Patriot 850 engine. But for the difference in power, I accept the surplus.


Flexibility and Manoeuvrability.

I quickly realized that I would have to learn to tame this beast. With its 146″ x 2.6″ track, it’s a different kind of rodeo. It weighs approximately 426 lb, which is similar to the weight of its counterpart, the Pro-RMK 155. So, this machine is very lightweight. It’s quite convenient for “tree-riding” style of driving. The combination of this track and the shortened tunnel (Slash) makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles. And if you find yourself in a tight spot, or need to make a U-turn, it’s easy! Hop onto a running board, turn the handlebars, give a little throttle, and there you go! You’ve successfully completed a 180° turn. As they say, “It turns on a dime.”

rmk khaos slash 146

A Forgiving Machine in Deep Snow.

It’s easy to think that a short snowmobile would give you trouble in deep snow. Think again! The power of the Patriot 9R engine paired with the Series 6 track (146″ x 2.6”) saved me from some rather precarious situations. It’s worth noting that I have a talent for getting stuck everywhere. The RMK Khaos Slash 146 made me look better in the eyes of my peers. Let’s just say I got bogged down a few times this winter. But thanks to this machine, a slight cleaning under the running boards and a good shake combined with a sudden acceleration, and I was out of my misery. Truly, this snowmobile surprises me.

A Suspension That Withstands Everything.

The RMK Khaos Slash 146 is equipped with Walker Evans Velocity shocks. These provide exceptional adaptability according to your needs and the type of terrain you traverse. With a simple adjustment, you can customize the softness or stiffness of the shocks to your preferences.

The “Velocity” system of these shocks is specifically designed to absorb impacts and soften the end of the stroke during a collision. This feature provides a driving experience that feels like floating on snow, minimizing the impact of rough terrain. Whether you’re riding at high speed, descending a steep mountain, or peacefully cruising through the woods, these shocks ensure optimal performance.

With the RMK Khaos Slash 146, you have total control over your ride. Indeed, it offers unmatched versatility to tackle various driving conditions with ease and comfort.

At the end of my days, I appreciated the adjustments of the Walker Evans Velocity shocks. When all the trails were torn up by other snowmobilers, I just had to make slight adjustments to the shock and I was floating.

The Matryx Platform.

The pilot’s ergonomics have been designed for total control of the machine with the Matryx chassis. Direction changes or movements on the snowmobile are smooth and seamless. The Matryx platform fulfills everything I could imagine for this beast. The driver’s position has been designed to minimize movements. As a result, driving requires less effort. Throughout my tests, I never had to struggle to control the RMK Khaos Slash 146. Imagine yourself sidehilling with a Polaris Titan or a Ski-Doo Expedition, and you’ll have a good idea of what I mean. On the RMK Khaos Slash, one foot on a running board and the snowmobile tilts and controls wonderfully. It’s really well balanced and poised.

2023 rmk khaos slash 2023

Now, onto a few negative points.

  • The first cold start of the 900 cc Patriot 9R engine proved to be very difficult with a lot of resistance.
  • There’s no electric starter. It’s not practical at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and just a glance at the pull cord reminds you it’s going to be tough.
  • The RMK Khaos Slash 146 is a smaller snowmobile, but not lighter. Its weight is equivalent to the RMK 155 equipped with a Patriot 850 engine.

In conclusion.

Like most snowmobilers this winter, I struggled to find snow. My tests didn’t exceed my expectations, and I couldn’t fully test the snowmobile’s capabilities. But with everything I observed in a few outings, for me, Polaris equals fun. I managed to get thrills and keep my adrenaline at its highest level every time I rode out. The RMK Khaos Slash 146 is a production vehicle, but with all the features of a race sled. Without any modifications, you have a powerhouse in your hands. Polaris will always deliver when it comes to performance and manoeuvrability. Visit your dealer and inquire about the possibilities of testing this snowmobile, you won’t be disappointed. I wish you a great end to the season.

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