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Arctic Cat 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro: The New Benchmark of Catalyst!

2025 riot 858 sno pro 2025

During my last visit to Montana to try the 2025 snowmobiles, I had plenty of options to choose from. We were thrown into a world where our two eyes weren’t enough to take in the array of snowmobiles available exclusively for us. Nonetheless, some stood out from the crowd, and in my opinion, the Arctic Cat 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro is one of them.

To give you some context, we usually head to West Yellowstone a day before the scheduled activities begin. However, we received a last-minute special invitation from Arctic Cat for an exclusive media presentation. Delighted, I was part of this very select group. It was a moment for exchanges about the manufacturer’s innovations directly with the designers and top executives. These moments are very conducive to exchanges. This one set the stage for the upcoming test days.

We Had to Keep It a Secret!

Our work allows us to receive privileged information several months in advance, sometimes even a few years. In the case of the Catalyst chassis and the new 858 engine, we were briefed in February 2022. However, we were under embargo, which obliged us to keep the lid on these confidential details. At that time, this chassis didn’t yet bear the name it carries today, and the engine was supposed to be called “860.” This goes to show how Arctic Cat was not yet at the finalization stage of the products they were striving to bring into the world.

Nevertheless, the disclosure of these two innovations had to be made separately. The chassis was announced in September 2022, and the 858 engine in September 2023. The initial plan was for a joint unveiling, but that changed during the process.

This introduction sets the stage for my favourite pick for 2025, and believe me, it’s quite something!

2025 riot 858 sno pro 2025

The Arctic Cat 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro.

Model year 2025 marks the arrival of a combination we’ve been eagerly anticipating. It’s the union between the Catalyst chassis and the new C-TEC2 858 engine. Personally, I have a fondness for snowmobiles that have “punch,” agility, and breathtaking design. That’s why I’ve set my sights on the 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro.

C-TEC2 858 Engine:

The 858 cc low-profile two-stroke twin-cylinder engine was unveiled during Hay Days in North Branch, Minnesota, on September 9, 2023. Arctic Cat officials claim that this new engine develops 11% more power across its entire range than the 800 twin-cylinder engine it replaces.

It’s important to mention that the architecture of this engine and the way it fits into place are specifically designed for the Catalyst chassis. All of this allows snowmobilers to fully enjoy the new lightweight chassis and its centred masses. These are the characteristics that made the first-year Catalyst snowmobiles, equipped with the C-TEC2 600 cc engine, so fun to ride.

Like the 600, and other modern Arctic Cat two-stroke snowmobiles, it features an elongated design with the intake and exhaust pointed towards the rider/the centre of the chassis. Arctic Cat engineers have long said that this design helps to better centre masses in a chassis.

The result is a very responsive engine, though it remains slightly behind its competitors, Ski-Doo and Polaris. However, engineers have reassured us that they have not completed all tests to reach the full potential of this new engine. Nevertheless, they have a very good foundation, and this bodes very well for the future.

2025 riot 858 sno pro 2025

New G8 Dashboard:

A new digital dashboard is now available. “Finally!” some will exclaim, and I’m among those. This new interactive G8 dashboard is the result of the partnership, in 2021, between Arctic Cat and Garmin. The latter is an internationally recognized manufacturer specializing in GPS technology and electronic display systems.

The interface is absolutely incredible! I was able to test its features, which place Arctic Cat practically on par with its competitors. Despite encountering some bugs, I was able to test all its capabilities, and I was completely amazed. It’s a step in the right direction, believe me! The information is quickly accessible, and the design exceeds my expectations.

Garmin’s G8 screen will enable the brand to be at the forefront of high-tech touchscreen displays, connectivity, and utility. It’s a direct response to the increasing demand that the industry is imposing.

Top-of-the-Line Suspension:

The AWS 39 front suspension is specifically designed to complement the 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro. It features a steering ratio aimed at reducing effort when riding. Control is greatly enhanced as a result.

The AC5S shocks are a new adjustable model with five compression damping positions. If you’re familiar with the FOX QS3 shocks, these are similar overall. However, the AC5S shocks offer a wider range of five levels instead of three. This gives us a greater range of adjustments.

A 146-inch Track for Backcountry Escapes!

The advantage of the 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro snowmobile lies in its uncoupled Cross-Action rear suspension and a 146-inch track. This combination gives it traction and flotation advantages, allowing me to venture wherever I desire. Moreover, without coupling blocks, I can lift the front skis towards the sky as I please.

2025 riot 858 sno pro 2025

In conclusion, the Catalyst platform has been designed to be durable and easy to maintain. This is made possible by its belt drive system and fully tool-free removable plastic panels to access critical components. The 2025 Riot 858 Sno Pro is, without a doubt, a snowmobile capable of providing us with optimized quality time both on and off the trail.

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