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Tested & Approved: TOBE ITER V2 Clothes for Winter Adventure

ensemble TOBE ITER V2

This winter, I had the opportunity to try out TOBE clothing. Although this manufacturer is known for the quality of its one-piece garments, I chose to try a two-piece set. I selected the TOBE ITER V2 set for this season. The ITER V2 jacket is identified as the warmest in the TOBE range. The insulated ITER V2 bibs are an update to the classic pants from TOBE. Despite the season being very short, I was still able to test the clothing over more than 1,500 kilometres. In the following lines, you’ll find my comments. Are these garments, born in the north of Sweden, suitable for Quebec climate?

First Impressions.

Let’s start by talking about its appearance. I really like the design of TOBE clothing in general. The majority of their garments is quite vibrant. In my case, the ITER V2 set I chose this year is much more understated and rather conservative. In this sense, it’s a model that won’t go out of style and that I can keep for a long time. First and foremost, I’m not disappointed by the quality of craftsmanship of these garments.

One of the main characteristics of TOBE clothing is the Sympatex® membrane. This membrane is known for its high degree of waterproofing and wind resistance. It allows water vapour to escape to the outside. One of the important features is that the more physical effort a person makes and the greater the temperature difference with the outside, the more effective this membrane becomes.

ITER V2 Jacket.

As for the ITER V2 jacket, here are the main features:

  • Sympatex® membrane 45,000 mm (100% waterproof, 100% windproof, optimal breathability).
  • Adjustable hem and collar.
  • 3-in-1 garment, easily converts into a non-insulated shell.
  • Five interior pockets, including one for your glasses and another for your mobile phone.
  • Metal ring to attach your key.
  • Double mesh-lined ventilation openings in the back and on the chest.
  • Removable snow skirt.
  • Thinsulate insulation (170 g in the body and 140 g on the sides).
  • Cordura® throughout the body.
  • Wrist gaiters.
  • YKK Aquaguard® zippers.

ITER V2 Bibs.

As for the ITER V2 bibs, here are the main features:

  • Sympatex® membrane 45,000 mm (100% waterproof, 100% windproof, optimal breathability).
  • Adjustable lower hem and shoulder harness.
  • Zippers throughout the leg.
  • Metal ring to attach your key.
  • Metal hook and snap loop on the boot gaiters.
  • Three exterior pockets.
  • Non-insulated.
  • Thinsulate insulation of 120 g.
  • Cordura® throughout the body.
  • Reinforcements in Kevlar® Armortex®.
  • YKK Aquaguard® zippers.

ITER V2 Jacket.

I must say that the ITER V2 jacket is well thought out. Firstly, there’s plenty of storage both inside and outside. There’s even a pocket on the left sleeve. The jacket has enough ventilation openings both at the front and the back.

iter v2

Next, I appreciate being able to tighten and adjust the collar of the ITER V2 jacket. I really liked how the cuffs of the jacket were designed, and it’s super easy to put gloves on over them.

I can also add that the gaiters are comfortable. I really like having a metal ring instead of plastic to hang my key. One of the pockets contains a cloth to wipe glasses, it’s attached so you won’t lose it.

Unlike anything I’ve seen in the past, the ITER V2 jacket includes two attachments for each of the cuffs for the 3-in-1 liner. This prevents the sleeves from twisting inside the jacket when you put it on. The same goes for the loop at the top of the jacket. It’s well sewn, which prevents the liner from floating inside the jacket. I notice that TOBE pays particular attention to many small details that make a difference.

ITER V2 Bibs.

The ITER V2 bibs are also well designed. Pockets are spacious and the pants have a metal ring for the key. One thing I really liked is the large stretchy band on each side of the garment. It allows for comfortable sitting both on the snowmobile during outings and when sitting at the rest stop. The knees have been reinforced and also have cushions. You don’t have to worry about kneeling and tearing your pants or catching them on the snowmobile’s footrests.

The bottom of the ITER V2 bibs is also very well made to ensure that snow doesn’t come up. The interior design and the exterior portion in Kevlar at the bottom of the pants lead me to believe that it will be durable.

My Impressions.

We didn’t have an exceptionally cold winter, but I still got to test the gear in all other conditions. I was thoroughly satisfied. One day, I went out with temperatures around -20 °C, and I didn’t feel cold at all. I also walked around in temperatures above zero with intermittent rain. I didn’t get cold this winter, and most importantly, I stayed dry in the ITER V2 gear. The clothing is well designed to dissipate heat.

One thing I didn’t appreciate as much, though, is that I always felt a slight pressure under the armpits when sitting on the snowmobile. I would have liked the ITER V2 jacket to be just a bit roomier in that area. It’s worth noting that I always wear several layers of clothing when snowmobiling, and my experience is probably related to that.

My Conclusion on the ITER V2 Jacket and Bibs Set.

In conclusion, having the ITER V2 clothes in hand, I realize that it’s a luxury set. The quality of craftsmanship is excellent. These garments are well designed for snowmobiling. The Cordura fabric feels pleasant to the touch. I firmly believe that this will be a durable set in the long run. The inner lining is one of the best I’ve seen and performs well in all conditions.

iter V2 liner

TOBE doesn’t skimp on quality and goes all out to satisfy the buyer. A big thank you to TOBE Outerwear and Motoneiges.ca for this trial.

iter v2

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