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TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket and Hoback Bib: Performs as Designed

Let’s get this out of the way immediately. I really like the TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket and TOBE’s Insulated Hoback Bib. What I did not like, was this past winter. I wish I could have ridden more and tested this new jacket and bibs more than I was able to.

Designed for the Cold

The TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket is a warm jacket… a very warm jacket. It was designed for the coldest days so that is a compliment. With a 100% windproof full-body Codura shell insulated with 170 g of Thinsulate in the body, it is ready for the harshest conditions. One feature I discovered after this season is the ability to easily tighten the top neck around your balaclava. This functionality eliminates any cold air on the back of your neck, which I noticed on my first rides after the first snowfalls.

From an evaluation point, I did not always ride in cold harsh conditions this season. We had a lot of warm days. Thus, it would be inaccurate to tell you it is the absolute warmest jacket I have ever ridden with.

a man dressed with the contego 3-in-1 jacket and the hoback bib

Versatility of the Contego 3-in-1 Jacket

Thankfully, due to its specific design, the TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket is very flexible. The “3-in-1” mention is not just a marketing scheme. Remove the puffy jacket liner and you lose some warmth, but you also gain some space. That space can be used for a lighter riding layer or protective gear like a Tekvest, for example.

the contego 3-in-1 jacket's puffed inner liner

If your day becomes really warm, opening the four vents in the shell allows you to reach a comfortable riding temperature. The “3” in the “3-in-1” description serves as another jacket. This Thinsulate-lined puffy jacket can be worn by itself, carried for days with variable temperatures, or installed under the shell to insulate you from the coldest trail days.

Insulated TOBE Hoback Bib

The TOBE Insulated Hoback Bib is not as versatile as the corresponding jacket. They are, however, an excellent choice for a very different reason. Simply put, they fit so well that the comfort level is immediate. I never felt the need to “break them out.” And they do what they are supposed to do. They keep you warm, with their 220 g of Thinsulate, and keep you dry, with their Sympatex technology.

hoback bib

The Hoback Bib full-length zippers make it easy to put them on and take them off. The bib’s construction rises over your back and up to your chest. This construction provides another layer of comfort and insulation beneath your jacket. The three outside pockets will meet the needs of most riders. Its padding in the knees, which is removable, was unexpected but a nice feature nonetheless. The pant cuffs are reinforced with a Kevlar® Armortex® blend that will ensure a long life of riding over many seasons.

hoback bib

Designed to Keep You 100% Dry

The TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket boasts about its Sympatex construction. It comes with a water column of over 45,000 mm. That means “You can be in the middle of a monsoon for hours and not get wet.” Same thing applies to the TOBE Hoback bibs. This waterproofing quality in their construction makes them fit the vision of TOBE as a company.

Both Designed for Trail Riding

I recommend you consider purchasing this pairing—the TOBE Insulated Hoback Bib and TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket—but primarily if you are a trail rider. As stated, they both perform excellently at keeping you warm when required.

Most off-trail riding involves a lot of body movement and greater physical exertion. My own experience when riding off trail this winter was that I was way too warm. I would need to change or remove some of my layers to adjust accordingly. This is possible with the jacket, but not with the bibs. So buy the clothing that matches the type of riding you do. Then, you will be happy. If you primarily ride trails, these both provide excellent performance.

Value for Dollars Spent

I repeat myself, both the jacket and bibs are manufactured to be 100% windproof and waterproof. The Sympatex membrane provides these high-end results. This technology in a garment does not come inexpensively, however. You should look objectively at your own riding, matching your garments to what you do 90% of the time. This will determine what you need in a jacket and a bib.

I will always look to have my jackets and my bibs be 100% waterproof. I ride enough kilometres and enough days every winter that eventually I will need the benefits of the Sympatex. It may only be necessary for one day, but that is one more day that I will not be wet.


The TOBE garments tested here are top quality, high end and well designed.

I would not compromise on the TOBE Hoback Bib with Sympatex. They would be definitely be what I would buy for myself. As stated in my First Impressions article, Thomas, the founder of TOBE, has stated that his highest priority when designing gear for snowmobiling is staying dry. Thus, waterproofing is an essential element in all designs and elements of the TOBE product line.

I wore the bibs more this past winter than any other piece of snowmobile gear I own. They kept me warm whenever the temperatures dipped. I also never got wet. In 2024, I attribute staying dry more so because of the no snow season we had. Bottom line, the Hoback Bib performed as claimed and designed. Sympatex, for me, is an essential element when acquiring bibs.

The TOBE Contego 3-in-1 Jacket is well thought out. There are many things I like about it. The zippers, the multiple storage pockets, the sizing, the understated graphics, and the versatility for different temperatures are all winners. I can ride multiple seasons in a row, however, and maybe never need the 100% waterproof feature that the Sympatex provides. This was such a winter.

If you do not feel that you require the 100% Sympatex waterproofness, there are less expensive choices at shopMSD.com. TOBE’s Hoback Bib, which I tested, are listed at CA$559.00. TOBE’s Contego 3-in-1 Jacket is listed at CA$799.00. Both garments are worth the asking price because they perform as designed.

A large thank you goes out to our partners Mountain Sports Distribution for entrusting us to test, demonstrate and evaluate their multiple snowmobile products. We appreciate their trust in us at Sledmagazine.com.

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