The Marlon Single Loader Ramp, Which Greatly Facilitates the Transportation of My Snowmobile!


Moving my snowmobile is one of the necessities I’m faced with. I like to use the expression: ‘If the snow doesn’t come to me, I must go to it!’ To transport my snowmobile, I’ve been using the Marlon Single Loader ramp since this year. You can read my early season article on the subject right here.

marlon single loader Ramp

In my childhood, as far back as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of owning a pickup truck. Let’s admit it, there are several advantages to having this type of vehicle. Its loading capabilities are undoubtedly its defining strengths. Having been an adult for many years now, I wouldn’t do without it. However, to fully benefit from it, there are several accessories available according to our needs and preferences.

The manufacturer Marlon, based in British Columbia, needs no introduction. It is highly recognized for its ‘sled deck’ platforms, which are used for transporting snowmobiles and recreational vehicles. Nevertheless, the manufacturer offers a wider range of products including trailers, docks, and boats.

Marlon’s Single Loader Ramp

I recently discovered that Marlon offers a snowmobile loading ramp that has everything I was looking for. I quickly realized that by adding this ramp to my equipment, I wouldn’t have to search for snowbanks to load my snowmobile into my truck anymore. You’ll agree that this is no easy task. Especially in my case, since my truck has a lifted suspension.

Moreover, I foresaw an end to the deterioration of the finish in my rear loading space due to the repeated passage of carbide runners. Thanks to Marlon’s Single Loader Ramp, the hassles associated with loading and unloading my snowmobile are a thing of the past.

marlon single loader ramp

Lightweight Despite Its Impressive Dimensions…

This ramp weighs only 73 lb, as it is primarily constructed of aluminum. In contrast, the surfaces on which the skis slide are made of durable plastic. These two rows of “Superglides” allow for unrestricted ascent of carbide runners.

A man of good stature can handle this ramp with some effort. However, I recommend the assistance of a second person for handling. The impressive dimensions of 10 ft x 4 ft require a good sense of balance.

Easy to Use… but Intimidating!

Simply place the Single Loader ramp on the tailgate ledge, initially pressing the retention stops. My first observation concerns the slope, which is far too steep for me to ascend this ramp! I must admit that I even contacted Marlon’s customer service (with a photo) to ensure correct usage. They quickly reassured me that my installation was adequate and that I shouldn’t worry.

single loader ramp ready to transport a snowmobile

A Period of Adaptation

Initially, the ramp installed at a 45-degree angle was extremely intimidating. I had to make several attempts to find the right distance and speed to climb it. After a few experiments, I quickly found my bearings for an easy ascent. In practice, when climbing with the snowmobile, I noticed that the upper end of the ramp sags and the lower part lifts. This makes it easier to climb.

Once I’ve reached the top point, I simply engage the handbrake of my snowmobile to secure it. Then, with a little effort, I just need to lift the back of the ramp, holding on to the bumper of my snowmobile, to make it horizontal. Finally, I just slide everything forward into my truck. I secure everything with a ratchet strap to ensure my load stays in place during transportation.

It’s as simple as that, and the whole process takes very little time. For removing my snowmobile, it’s exactly the reverse steps that apply.

Is it legal?

I questioned the legality of this ramp. It’s true that it exceeds the total length of my truck. Therefore, I did some research on the regulations regarding general transportation with our vehicles.

In fact, the maximum excess length must not exceed two metres. Additionally, this measurement must be taken from the rear bumper. Upon verification, since my truck has a short bed, my ramp slightly exceeds more than a meter according to the established rules. Therefore, I am entirely legal, and I am free to use this ramp as I please.

However, I made an addition to my ramp, which makes me completely compliant with the current regulations. To ensure that I am visible to those behind me, I added a reflective red strip. This way, I am certain that I am complying with the established standard.


In conclusion, when I have the sudden urge to take out my snowmobile for a ride, whether it’s for work or leisure, I have no more constraints. I am no longer held back by the difficulty of taking the time to hitch the trailer. Now, I have a quick and convenient way to transport my snowmobile. Marlon’s Single Loader ramp allows me to move my snowmobile and get to my playground in record time.

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