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SledMagazine.com Puts Marlon’s Single Loader Ramp to the Test

SledMagazine.com is excited to announce the acquisition of Marlon’s Single Loader loading ramp, which we will be testing extensively. Undoubtedly, this ramp will streamline the loading and transportation of our test snowmobiles.

This development naturally follows our longstanding partnership with Marlon, a manufacturer based in British Columbia specializing in diverse products for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the collaboration with Mr. Pierre Savoie, Managing Director for Quebec, we have the opportunity to put this top-of-the-range ramp to the test.

2 Available Models

The Single Loader ramp comes in two widths, 42 or 48 inches. With a length of 120 inches (10 feet), it simplifies the loading of quads and snowmobiles, fitting seamlessly on trucks ranging from 1/2 ton to 1 ton. Weighing just 70 pounds, it allows easy handling, even without assistance.

Initially, we chose the “XPLORE” model at 48 inches, emphasizing ease of transport for trail snowmobiles. In contrast, the “Mountain” variation is better suited for narrower snowmobiles.

Marlon’s Single Loader ramp effortlessly fits into the rear space of our trucks, ensuring ease of use in various situations.

Marlon's Single Loader

Facilitated Loading

Equipped with two rows of Superglides, the sliding of our snowmobiles on the ramp will undoubtedly be smooth. Speed and efficiency are the descriptors we confidently attribute to Marlon’s loading ramp.

Stay Tuned

We will provide more detailed reviews throughout the 2024 season regarding this equipment. Stay attentive to our publications for in-depth information.

For more details on all available products, feel free to visit Marlon’s website.

Marlon's Single Loader

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