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The Snowmobiler’s Bible: An Essential Guide for a Safe Season

Every year, many snowmobilers overlook crucial guidelines or disregard safety measures, leading to consequences ranging from minor to severe.

This column: the Snowmobiler’s Bible, is not meant to deliver moral lessons as we embark on a new season; rather, it serves as a reminder to avoid actions that could jeopardize your winter experience and negatively impact the broader snowmobiling community.

Before Hitting the Trail

Before setting out, always inform your loved ones of your itinerary. Conduct a thorough check of your snowmobile and pack essentials such as:

  • First aid kit
  • Knife
  • Matches
  • Water
  • Rope
  • Two-stroke engine oil
  • Spare gloves
  • Extra socks
  • Vest
  • Flashlight
  • Colored ribbon to signal hazards.

Don’t forget to carry a trail map for the area you’ll be exploring during the day.

On the Trail

Avoid alcohol consumption. In a group, keep a watchful eye on the rider behind you through your rearview mirror. Respect speed limits and adjust your driving to the trail’s condition. Show consideration for fellow snowmobilers. Never leave marked trails, as it could lead to the revocation of trail access rights.

Snowmobiler's Bible

Never litter on the trail or its edges – whether it’s an oil can, an empty cigarette pack, a can, or various papers. A practical tip: always bring a small garbage bag with you. Environmental preservation is everyone’s responsibility.

Safety and Responsibility 

Maintain a safe distance behind the snowmobile in front of you. Reduce your speed when encountering other snowmobiles and riders at the trail’s edge. Avoid traveling on bodies of water not marked by a snowmobile club. Always stay to the right and strictly follow trail signage.

Snowmobiler's Bible

Immediately inform any snowmobile club of trail issues that could have serious consequences for snowmobilers.

Ensure your snowmobile is equipped with two compliant rearview mirrors, as required by the Quebec Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Snowmobiler’s Bible: Conclusion

Remembering and applying these tips throughout the season will enhance your snowmobiling experience and significantly contribute to the well-being of our sport.

The voice of snowmobilers urges you to be cautious this season, as your safety is of utmost importance.

Have a fantastic season.

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