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Ornaments and Souvenirs: Santa’s Snowmobiles, Witness of our Adventures

The Christmas season for many families is a significant time of year. In my family, it is also another reminder that my absolute favourite time of year—Snowmobile Season—is very close.

Sleigh or Snowmobile 

Christmas, with no disrespect to the actual religious origins and meaning of the holidays, is very associated with Santa Claus. Generally, we are “taught” that Santa Claus keeps reindeer, especially Rudolph who hauls his special sleigh. Santa’s elves build the toys. The elves load Santa’s sleigh.

The journey begins as Santa departs from the North Pole, accompanied by his sleigh, reindeer, and a cargo of toys, to deliver joy to children worldwide every Christmas Eve.

In our household, my daughter Jillian was scared of Santa Claus. She loved him, but she did not like his costume. In fact, she was scared of any character dressed up at any time of the year. Thus, Halloween was not very important in our home.

What to do? When Santa Claus’s sleigh must arrive but it is not allowed on your roof?  

Enter Dad — that’s me — who, every Christmas Eve, embarked on a journey to the North Pole on our trusty snowmobile. This unconventional mode of transportation ensured that Santa’s toys and gifts found their way to our home for numerous joyous Christmases.

Christmas Ornaments by Places Visited

Decades ago, we embarked on the tradition of collecting ornaments for our family Christmas tree. On every journey we undertook, our quest was not just for memories but for unique ornaments to adorn our tree.

More often than not, these ornaments depicted Santa Claus skillfully navigating a snowmobile. A delightful detail that unwittingly fueled our daughter’s belief in the authenticity of my annual Christmas Eve journey. Surely, I must have met Santa Claus somewhere along the way.

Our Christmas Tree as a Chronicle of Journeys and Moments 

Our collection boasts snowmobile Christmas ornaments sourced from various locations, including Quebec, Maine, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Some showcase local characters like bears and moose, adding a touch of regional charm to our festive display.

The array of colors is equally captivating, making it a delightful experience to discover sleds in green, red, yellow, or blue.

As we hang each ornament, memories resurface, and the tree becomes a tapestry of our family’s journeys and shared moments. The diverse colors and characters mirror the richness of our experiences, transforming our Christmas tree into a unique and cherished reflection of the places we’ve visited.

Ornaments Each Season—Every Year

In 1995, a particularly special holiday left its mark with not one, but two ornaments commemorating the year.

Meanwhile, the 2007 ornament, adorned with the word “SON,” stands as both a marker of time and a thoughtful gift from my mother who, it seems, always knew exactly what I wanted.

The green sled from 2007 carries an unexpected passenger — a raccoon. I am not sure why.

Other Snowmobile Memorabilia 

Snowmobile memorabilia extends the celebration of winter beyond the holiday season, becoming a year-round expression of passion.

Beyond the confines of our homes, businesses to embrace this enthusiasm, creating an inviting atmosphere for fellow winter sports enthusiasts.

What makes you feel better than visiting a business where you know the ownership and employees are geared towards honouring your favourite passion?

Simple things, like a snowmobile poster, a snowmobile posting on their menu, or a large moose riding a snowmobile on their counter. You instantly know you are welcome.

These items, more than hanging on a tree, find a place in our daily lives, from shelves and bookcases to workshops and homes. Each piece is a repository of special memories, creating a unique bond between the giver and the recipient. Snowmobile memorabilia serves not only as a thoughtful gift to give but also as a meaningful one to receive, resonating with the spirit of shared experiences.

And isn’t that what Christmas, Santa Claus, and Snowmobiling are all about? Creating special memories with cherished friends and family?

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