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Spring reviews: Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023

In 2023, American manufacturer Polaris Industries faced significant supply chain challenges. Despite this, they stayed true to their word and ultimately delivered the Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023 in mid-March last spring.

I refrain from criticizing this situation, understanding the efforts Polaris puts into resolving its delivery velocity issues. However, it remains a fact that my options for trial conditions were somewhat restricted.

Versatility in an Adventure Package

Polaris Adventure models come well equipped, and the Titan is no exception. It’s worth noting that as of the time of writing, the 2024 version of the Titan remains identical to my 2023 model. You can check the vehicle’s technical specifications on the following link.

I’ll highlight a few noteworthy features of my trial model. The new S4 4-stroke engine, a 2-cylinder powerhouse of 1000 cc, produces just under 100 horsepower according to Polaris. Getting accurate information on this would be beneficial, preventing unnecessary speculation. The Titan S4 also boasts FOX QS3 shocks at the front and rear, which, in my opinion, are the most versatile in the industry.

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023
According to our columnist, Fox QS3 shocks are the most versatile in the industry while delivering exceptional performance.

The 20-inch track is supported by the Axys platform, and naturally, a double seat with all accessories for two passengers is standard, along with a rear plastic storage box.

Engine Sound

Unsurprisingly, the engine sound is likely one of the first thing on anyone’s mind when discussing snowmobiles. Our brains have a direct connection to this aspect, forming part of the experience and adrenaline generated by our ride. I’m not talking about excess or illegal exhaust systems, but rather the sensation linked to a sporty sound.

Polaris S4 Engine
The 4-stroke S4 engine by Polaris produces just under 100 horsepower according to Polaris Industries.

However, don’t be misled! When you accelerate, the sound becomes much more exhilarating at cruising speed, providing a fantastic driving experience.


Many of you may have the prejudice that the following details might be less exciting. Not true! I was genuinely impressed by the low-end torque and the acceleration. The Titan S4 Adventure delivers crisp and linear accelerations, efficiently transmitting power to the track.

Considering the size and the 20x155x1.5-inch track, the performance is quite interesting. One can feel that the top speed is reached a bit quickly, as, in my opinion, the engine could provide a bit more.

Perhaps adjustments for 2024? Some dealers have already worked on adjustments to the pulleys to squeeze out a bit higher speed.

A Distinguished Workhorse

Let’s be honest; the current version already achieves a performance that will satisfy a large number of potential buyers. In terms of work capabilities, the Alpha transmission combined with the S4’s torque is very impressive. Even when working hard in warmer conditions, an additional front radiator takes care of cooling the big engine.

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023
The Titan’s additional front radiator ensures optimal engine cooling even in extreme working conditions.

I was able to tow various loads, including fully loaded sleds and even a scraper to level a trail. No issues or a hint of a belt that got too hot. It’s a true workhorse in this regard.

Trail Behavior

I had the opportunity to test the Titan with the 800 cc 2-stroke engine several times in the past. I always found its behavior on the trail impeccable, and worthy of the best “touring” snowmobiles.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the 4-stroke version of the Titan is 110 pounds heavier than its 2-stroke counterpart. I don’t know how the engineers did it, but I must admit I didn’t feel like I had to manage so many extra pounds.

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023
The Titan S4 offers the equipment and comfort for 2 passengers worthy of “touring” industry models.

Certainly, we are aware of the weight difference, but it doesn’t significantly diminish the chassis’s qualities in terms of maneuverability. The way the weight is placed on the Axys chassis preserves the sporty aspect of the vehicle. Therefore, you can adopt a more aggressive driving style without fear of losing the Axys chassis’s qualities.

Pushed to the extreme, I experienced some instances of the inside ski lifting in turns. To reduce this behavior, I simply increased the front spring pressure, providing much more preload.

This stabilizes the vehicle and eliminates the leaning effect in turns, making the S4 as enjoyable to drive as the 2-stroke version.

Backcountry Behavior

Given the time of the season, I had few opportunities to go off-trail in winter conditions. Fortunately, I have a beautiful weekend before spring conditions settle in.

We know that weight is a significant issue in deep snow, and the additional 110 pounds caught my attention. I was surprised at how easy the Titan S4 Adventure was to operate the vehicle in wide-open spaces in deep snow. The chassis responded well to weight transfers from one footrest to the other. Where I expected to struggle with the snowmobile, the Axys chassis remained manageable even with the S4 engine.

Review Yet to Conclude

Once again, how the weight is distributed clearly plays a role and compensates for the additional pounds to a large extent. However, I wasn’t able to test it in densely wooded conditions in the middle of winter, preventing me from having a relevant opinion on this specific aspect.

Conclusion of My Polaris Titan S4 Adventure Trial

We had been waiting for a 4-stroke version of the Titan for several years. Many dealers in the province were hoping for it to meet a significant demand from buyers of this type of vehicle. The wait has finally paid off for track-loving snowmobilers with a 20-inch track.

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023
Our test pilot during his spring trials.

It goes without saying that this vehicle is not aimed at high-performance enthusiasts, at least not until there’s a Turbo version ;-). However, it’s a serious option for those who want a Touring snowmobile with impressive work and off-road capabilities. This vehicle will bring joy to users, offering inherent durability in 4-stroke engines.

Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023 – A Safe Bet

It’s clearly a perfect product for the Quebec and Canadian markets, which are increasingly fond of these multi-use vehicles. In addition to benefiting from exceptional trail comfort and maneuverability, the Polaris Titan S4 Adventure 2023 can also serve the majority of off-trail purposes.

Link to Technical Specifications : Specs

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