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Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023 – A Nice End-of-Season Surprise

As you know, manufacturers have suffered from supply problems over the past few years. Polaris has not been immune. In addition, some of the recalls have put a strain on the manufacturing process and delivery of units to people who ordered in the Spring of 2022.

At Magazine, these delivery delays have also affected us. For example, our Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023 was delivered to us in the early days of March.

First contact with the Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023

My first contact with this snowmobile was in the last few days. Two of my colleagues and I decided to go on a 350km ride in the Lower St-Lawrence and North-Western New Brunswick. Of course, the S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023 was used for this trip!

La S4 Indy Adventure est très facile à apprivoiser. C’est un modèle qui est aussi bien adapté pour les novices que pour les motoneigistes d’expérience.

As you know, this snowmobile is powered by the Prostar S4 engine. This one is a 998cc 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine that develops between 90 and 100hp. This model is also built on the Matryx chassis and is offered in a 1 or 2 seats version. In our case, we received the 1-seater version.

Ideal for Excursions

The Indy Adventure is a solo or 2-up touring snowmobile designed to offer good comfort for trail riding enthusiasts. So, our ride was a good opportunity to try out the S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023 since it will be in the type of environment it was designed for!

Throughout the day, Gino, Dominic and I took turns riding this snowmobile. We took the opportunity to share our impressions directly on the trails.

Two of the Polaris models that the SledMagazine.ca team had the opportunity to test ride during the season. The Boost Switchback Assault and the S4 Indy Adventure.

Not just surprised… Very surprised!

My colleagues and I were very surprised with the handling of the snowmobile, but also with the performance of the engine. I am familiar with the behavior of snowmobiles built on the Matryx chassis. However, I was curious to see if the addition of a 4-stroke engine would have an impact on it. I did not get this impression.

As for the engine, the Prostar S4 is a nervous engine that does not hesitate to release its power. You have to understand that we’re talking about a machine with less than 100hp, so the way it uses its power becomes more important.

The engine responds quickly when the throttle is pressed. Accelerations are vigorous up to about 90 or 100 km/h.

The sound of the engine betrays the origins of this engine. Indeed, it is essentially the same engine found in some Polaris quad models. It is therefore a sound that we are not used to, especially when we ride at low speed or when we suddenly press the gas pedal.

Driving Experience

The driving experience is very good and beyond my expectations. I was expecting a snowmobile with more docile or reserved behaviour. It appears to me now that this is not the case. I’m not going to complain about it!

This snowmobile also inherits all the DNA of the Matryx platform. Thus, the S4 Indy Adventure’s handling is impressive in terms of comfort, ease of use and precision. 

The Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 137 2023 is also available in a two-passenger version

Conclusion of my test of the 2023 Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 

In conclusion, this was the first contact that greatly surprised my fellow riders and me. We will continue our test of the Polaris S4 Indy Adventure 2023! 

Good end of the season to all!

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