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Everything You Should Know About 2024 Polaris Snowmobiles

We all look forward to this time of the year when snowmobile manufacturers announce with great fanfare what will be the big news of the following year. Polaris, one of the leaders in the recreational vehicle industry, is once again offering us some great innovations that are sure to delight many fans of this brand.

A look back at the last few years:

Let’s be honest, Polaris has been very active over the last few years. Let’s remember the introduction of some models that were all the rage as soon as they appeared. Among them, the RMK Khaos is without a doubt a model that has filled a void in the off-road category.

Subsequently, the introduction of the Matryx platform in the 2021 model year replaced some of the shortcomings attributed to the old Axys chassis. Inspired by snocross, it was designed and thought around the rider. Many details have been thought to facilitate the movements and remove everything that could be intrusive. Polaris has changed the game and taken the ease of controlling a snowmobile to another level with this platform.

The 7S Ride Command interface has taken trail riding to a new level by allowing you to plan the best rides of your life, track your trips and share your epic adventures. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows for a host of functionality linked to our phones. At the same time, the introduction of the industry’s first intelligent heated grips allows us to adjust the temperature to our preferences.

The introduction of several engine options literally threw us for a loop. The Patriot 850 Boost engine was a response to its closest competitor. Polaris not only allowed the 850 Patriot engine to produce 50% more power at 10,000 feet, but the manufacturer also reports a 10% increase in power.

Comparisons to 2023

Last year, the Patriot 9R was a new powertrain. In a nutshell, it’s simply a more powerful version of the naturally aspirated 850 Patriot. It features new cylinders with CNC-machined ports, new ceramic-coated pistons, a lighter crankshaft and a flywheel, all designed to reduce inertia.

Moreover, Polaris has made a return to a 4-stroke engine with the advent of the ProStar 4S. With a power range between 80 and 100 HP, it was a nice alternative and a positive answer to the incessant demand of its customers.

2024, under the sign of refinement!

This introduction briefly highlights some of the aspects that have been presented to us over the past few years. However, the next vintage will be more of a year when Polaris will make several improvements and changes to its 2024 model lineup.

2024 Polaris

A new track!

Apart from the challenge of improving delivery times, the big news is concentrated in the mountain snowmobile segment. 2024 marks the retirement of the 3″ Series 7 track to make way for the 3.25″ Series 9. Exclusive to the RMK Boost and 9R models during the SnowCheck period in 155” and 165” lengths.

Visually, the difference is noticeable with an exclusive and aggressive stud design. The goals are instant traction and unparalleled forward propulsion and it is designed for the deepest snow conditions. It should create momentum for instantaneous nose-up in very deep snow environments.

However, the designers are formal on one point. This new track is to be used exclusively off-trail. Moreover, a warning indicator will appear on the display dial when the speed exceeds 50 MPH.

2024 Polaris

New reversible scrapers:

More commonly known as “scratchers” in snowmobile jargon, all RMK models will come with these coolers that have the function of propelling snow into the tunnel. The ice scrapers help you avoid problems related to overheating and snow complications. As the name suggests, these tools scrape to provide snow dust on the heat exchangers. These tools are essential in preventing potential problems related to engine overheating.

An improved brake system on the mountain models.

Remember, Polaris determined that under certain operating conditions, certain model years 2022-2023 MATRYX RMK KHAOS and PRO snowmobiles could be susceptible to brake system overheating.

They have made some improvements to remedy this situation:

  1. New brake disc: lighter with increased ventilation capacity for better heat dissipation,
  2. New high retraction caliper: helps reduce inadvertent braking resistance.

2024 Polaris

Some changes in the alignment of the trail snowmobiles.

First of all, to our regret, the Indy VR1 performance snowmobile will only be available in 137″ length, leaving the 129″ version behind. This muscular trail beast will however come with a choice of Patriot Boost, 850 and 650.

Also, otherwise known as the Indy, the Adventure model has been transferred to the Voyageur family. For the rest, this snowmobile keeps its specifications that make it a favorite among adventure enthusiasts.

The Titan Adventure will be available in 2024 only with the ProStar S4 engine introduced in 2023. We will witness the removal of the 800cc engine in this model.

2024 Polaris: Several points of refinement:

Most snowmobilers probably won’t realize it, but several things have been improved to rectify some of the shortcomings of previous years.

  1. Bug fixes to resolve map crashes and Bluetooth connection problems.
  2. Improved tightening of the exhaust pipe shell reduces annoying noises,
  3. Better sealed oil plugs to reduce leakage,
  4. Anti-fog coating on headlights reduces moisture build-up for better visibility,
  5. Lighter eyelets on the 1/4 turn body mount for easier tightening in cold weather situations.

In conclusion, the year 2024 may seem to be one of conservation at Polaris, but it is not. They are constantly working to take their products to another level. There is no doubt about it. We’ve seen them listen to consumers and that’s worthy of a world-class manufacturer.

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