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Lynx XTERRAIN BRUTAL, a promising review for 2024

Lynx XTerrain BRUTAL

Last spring, the owner of  Atelier Laforge contacted me to order the snowmobile I’d be riding out in 2024. He suggested the LYNX XTERRAIN BRUTAL: a machine with tons of potential that has yet to break through in North America. We were both equally thrilled at the prospect of taking a closer look at this unique machine targeted towards experienced riders.


Initial contact

Let me tell you, winter has been a long time coming! The third week of November finally came around, and I was notified I could come pick up the LYNX XTERRAIN BRUTAL. While others were enjoying their first snowmobile outings, I was headed to Sept-Îles, on my way to Atelier Laforge.



First glance

Let’s talk about first impressions. The fiery red color is absolutely mind-blowing. This snowmobile’s black accents and gray decals certainly don’t go unnoticed. The red handguards and handlebar enhance its sporty appearance. The design of the hand grips is interesting, with small Y-shaped embossed lines. In my opinion, this detail contributes to the handles’ excellent grip.



My only minor disappointment is the headlight system. I would have liked this snowmobile to have been equipped with the same LED lighting system offered on other LYNX models. I have no doubt, however, that this shortcoming will be rectified with upcoming releases.


What sets the XTERRAIN BRUTAL apart from the rest

It’s not all about looks with this one, this snowmobile also has quite the unique features.

The front suspension comes with a swaybar and KYB Pro 36 EA-3R Kashima shocks with an reservoir adjustable in compression and rebound. It’s beautifully designed to improve handling over bumpy, uneven terrain.


The Blade DS+ skis are  wide and designed to provide good flotation in deep snow and precision on the trails.


The XTERRAIN BRUTAL is powered by the Rotax 850 E-TEC, an engine well known for its remarkable linear power and rapid response.


Compared to a BRP EXPEDITION XTREM, the XTERRAIN BRUTAL is not equipped with the EASY-SHIFT transmission. This gives it a weight advantage of 26.7 lbs.

What about the rear end?

An engine is all well and good, but it also takes a good track to transfer that energy over efficiently. The designers of the LYNX are well aware of this, and they haven’t forgotten this key feature when creating the XTERRAIN BRUTAL. It’s equipped with a POWDER MAX 20 x 154 x 2.4-inch track. The track lugs appear to be very stiff. They’re Z-shaped, a property that should give them added rigidity – can’t wait to check it out!


The biggest difference

The distinctive feature of the LYNX XTERRAIN BRUTAL is without a doubt its EasyRyde+ rear suspension. This and all current Lynx suspension solutions are designed and engineered by the Lynx R&D team in Rovaniemi, Finland.

This snowmobile features a completely different suspension system, with a KYB 46 Plus Kashima shock absorber. Indeed, the shock is almost horizontal, with a curved transfer arm system. These components allow the sled to easily transfer energy forward when going over bumps – a detail I can’t wait to see for myself!


Reverse system

As the snowmobile doesn’t have a rear hinge system, a question arises: will it be able to back up in deep snow? I intend to put it to the test, to be able to enlighten those who are wondering just as I am.

In conclusion

From this article, you can deduce that the LYNX XTERRAIN BRUTAL has me intrigued and excited for the season upon us. I will make sure to update you shortly with a review of my first experience with the snowmobile in action. At the end of the season, I will provide you with a full review of the trial. With a whole season under my wing, I should be able to answer all the questions raised in this article.


I’d like to thank the owner and general manager of Atelier Laforge for your trust and excellent service. Without you, this trial would not be possible. It’s thanks to enthusiasts like you that we can share our passion with others.

An additional thank you to  Ski-Doo, LYNX and Motoneiges.ca for supporting this review.

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