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New Brunswick, a province to discover with your snowmobile

Le Nouveau-Brunswick, une province à découvrir en motoneige

At the beginning of February 2023, I traveled to New Brunswick with my colleagues for a shoot. We had been invited by Snowmobile NB and trail manager Kyle Good to promote this beautiful province as a snowmobiling destination.

The province is within easy snowmobiling distance from Quebec and the United States.

Over 8100 km of Trails

It was my first time setting foot in this part of the country. Unbeknownst to me, New Brunswick has over 8100 km of trails. They are being cared for by 49 clubs who work hard to provide a positive and enjoyable snowmobiling experience across the province.

Rest Stops and Shelters

New Brunswick also possesses several rest stops and shelters for warming up and reinvigorating yourself.

New-Brunswick - a snowmobiling destination

ASNO 29 Club

During our visit, we explored the trails of the ASNO 29 club, presided over by Frank Bouchard. Along with doing a wonderful job with the club (and being a selfie master), he was kind enough to act as our guide throughout our stay. He’s genuine and well worth-meeting if you’re ever in the area.

Trails for Every Taste

New Brunswick has trails for everyone. From winding woodlands to straight trails and steep slopes, the quality of these trails is extraordinary. Some trail sections have been given names, and behind each name is a story. Frank was happy to tell us all about them.

New-Brunswick - a snowmobiling destination

Observation Points

At times, the trail took us to the top of a few mountains, from which we could observe breathtaking scenery. Believe it or not, we were so high up that we could even see parts of Quebec at times!

Your Next Must-See Destination: New Brunswick!

In short, go for it! You won’t regret it.

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New-Brunswick - a snowmobiling destination

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