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From head to toe TOBE Outerwear accessories review

Essai vêtements TOBE Outerwear

As a winter sports enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for outdoor clothing and accessories that will keep me comfortable during my winter activities. Last season, I’ve been able to stay both warm and dry on my latest trail and off-trail outings with TOBE Outerwear‘s incredible quality products.

The NOVO V4 Monosuit

I had the pleasure of testing TOBE Outerwear NOVO V4 monosuit. TOBE’s product range is well known in the snowmobile market.

Monosuit Tobe NOVO V4


The NOVO V4 suit is wonderfully waterproof thanks to the Sympatex® technology. After putting it to the test for a full week in the mountains of Montana, as well as in New Brunswick, I was amazed at how waterproof and robust its windbreaker was. Whether on the trails or in the backcountry on a mountain snowmobile, I stayed dry every day, even in the midst of a snowstorm. The suit allows you to comfortably wear a few layers underneath to stay warm in more rigorous conditions. Numerous pockets with zippers are at our disposal to keep our belongings dry throughout the day.

Monosuit Tobe NOVO V4

Previously, the first time I’d put on a new monosuit, I always seemed to have to wait a while before finally feeling comfortable in it. The NOVO V4 proved to be the complete opposite. It’s very supple right out of the box as if I’d always worn it! Its cut and lightness are great assets when it comes to pushing your limits off trails.

Areas of the monosuit that require extra protection (knees, lower legs, etc.) are fitted with a tough Armortex® lining to prevent premature wear and tear. The Cordura® fabric also helps to keep your NOVO V4 in good condition despite extreme excursions. Throughout this test, several branches could have pierced the monosuit fabric, but it remained intact. Cordura® is extremely tough and durable, helping to extend the life of your monosuit.

The cons

I did note one negative: there is an absence of filter fabric for the lower body air intakes. This piece of fabric can be seen where the torso vents are, but not for leg vents. Snow can therefore penetrate the monosuit if these air intakes are in use.

Monosuit Tobe NOVO V4

Monosuit Tobe NOVO V4

All in all, if you’re interested in high-quality technical equipment, you should definitely consider the NOVO V4.

Interesting features of TOBE NOVO V4:

  • Removable hood
  • Sealed zipper
  • Several colour choices
  • Functional cell phone pocket, allowing you to use it without needing to take it out.
  • Accessible chest vent allows body heat to escape.
  • Large side zippers allow you to remove the monosuit without taking off your boots.
  • Internal shoulder straps
  • Ring to attach the emergency kill switch.
  • Arm pocket for quick access to your belongings.
  • Additional neck zipper for extra space.

Monosuit Tobe NOVO V4

TOBE Outerwear Nimbus V2 boots

I’ll admit it, I’ve always been very skeptical of this type of boot. I’ve always had the impression that if you prioritize performance, it is at the expense of warmth, and vice versa. To my great surprise, I found the opposite to be true with TOBE Nimbus V2 boots! I loved them! They’re warm enough for trail riding and just as good for off the trail. I wore them with Merino wool socks and I can say I stayed dry even going off trail a solid 9/10 on that side. Coming from someone whose feet frequently get too hot and who sweats more than normal, that’s a great score!

This is a versatile boot that can be worn very stiffly off trail for optimal support, but also more casually for more comfort on the trail.

TOBE Vale helmet and Aurora Arctic Vision Goggles

The TOBE Outerwear Vale helmet is mainly meant for off-train wear. It’s a very breathable helmet, so it’s important to use it in the right environment to assess its performance. It would be wrong to judge it on its performance on the trail or colder days. That being said, combined with the Aurora Arctic Vision goggles and a good balaclava, I managed to find the right combination to feel just as comfortable on and off the trail.

In just one week of evaluation, I was surprised by how quickly the helmet formed to my head. During the same period, I did notice premature wear to the white colour of the helmet and the elastic band on the goggles.

TOBE Capto Undercuff V3 Gloves

I wasn’t fully satisfied with the Capto Undercuff V3 gloves. Let me explain: riding off trail, we often have to remove our gloves to perform various tasks. I’ve noticed that these gloves become difficult to put on and take off when the hands are a little damp or humid. The inside of the hand feels too thick, which translates into a less-than-ideal grip on the handlebars.

On the trails, however, I found TOBE’s Capto gloves to be in their right element. If you like shorter gloves or are a snowmobiler with hands that run a little hot, the Capto gloves might just suit your needs.

I would like to thank TOBE Outerwear for providing me with quality equipment from head to toe for my snowmobiling season and for making this review possible.

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