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Looking, Feeling and Fitting Great in TOBE Iter V2 Gear

I have been a lucky guy, for the past 10+ winters I’ve been chosen to try and try some of the best in top-quality snowmobile apparel. I’ve also experienced some not-so-great items that did not stand up to the hype and promises of high performance.

So, when I experience a winner like this year’s TOBE Iter V2 gear, it is particularly exciting to share it.

Unveiling TOBE: The Swedish Heritage of High-Performance Outerwear

Here in the Northeast, the TOBE name is a more recent player in high-end snowmobile apparel.  If you have not heard of TOBE (pronounced “2, BE” eng), they are an established outerwear company that was born in Northern Sweden with a history of high performance.

Their roots explain some of the funky names of their various models like Iter, Macer, Hoback, Apto, Vivid and Ekta. The names may be a little funky, but if it is great stuff, who are we to judge?

The TOBE motto is “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.”

Embracing a Stealthy Style with TOBE: Exploring the Iter V2 Series

I prefer a more understated style, and my usual choices have consistently been black and gray. Even though TOBE offers a wide range of trendy colors, I stuck with my low-key, subtle look for 2023.

The TOBE Iter V2 series is part of TOBE’s insulated lineup.

The first thing noted right out of the package was how substantial the materials used in the Iter V2 series are.  It’s one thing to be 100% windproof and 100% waterproof, but another thing to be tough enough for everything snowmobile.

Extreme Cold Testing: Durability and Flexibility of the Iter V2 Jacket

The Iter V2 jacket is a 3-in-1 jacket with an inner insulated puffer jacket that can be used on its own. Use the Iter V2 with the insulated liner for the majority of riding conditions, and use the liner for stylish “après motoneige,” or the jacket shell only for springtime or mountain environments.

Featuring a full-body Cordura® outer shell that exudes durability and ruggedness, the jacket maintains its flexibility even at -32.6F (-35.9C) with a windchill of -74.17F (-57.31C) at 40 mph (64 kph) – a true test of extreme cold. In the past, I’ve tested jackets that were flexible in milder temperatures but felt and sounded like plastic bags in frigid conditions; however, the Iter V2 remained pliable and silent.

With 170g of Thinsulate in the main body and 140g on the sides, the TOBE Iter kept me comfortably warm when worn over my typical Tek vest underlayer. This warmth is not solely attributed to the high-tech Thinsulate; it also stems from the 45,000 mm Sympatex® membrane and Y.K.K. Aquaguard® zippers, effectively sealing out the cold air.

The Iter V2’s Performance Secrets 

I’m also certain that the Iter V2’s fully sealed reinforced seams, laser-cut wrist gaiters, and an adjustable collar for the perfect neck-to-helmet air seal were significant contributors to the performance I experienced. Additionally, the integrated snow skirt played a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance. The conditions were extreme that weekend and I was much more than impressed.

Testing snowmobile apparel can be like a box of chocolates. And as Forrest Gump’s Mom said, “You’re not sure exactly what you’re going to get.”

Lessons Learned from a Jacket with Too Many Pockets 

The pockets on the TOBE Iter V2 jacket are strategically placed and offer ample functionality without being excessive. They strike the perfect balance. I recall testing a jacket in the past that had an abundance of pockets, and at first, I thought it was a great feature.

However, I ended up overloading it because of the numerous pockets, and it became challenging to remember where I had placed various items. It taught me that too many pockets can be just as inconvenient as too few. This experience was a valuable lesson in the concept that sometimes, having too much of a good thing can become a drawback.

Consistency in Quality: The Complementary TOBE Iter V2 Bib Pants

Although I didn’t need to use them during this specific weekend, the TOBE Iter V2 jacket boasts substantial side and rear YKK zippered mesh vents, allowing for convenient climate adjustment.

The TOBE Iter V2 Bib pants exhibit the same level of quality, materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. These high-performance bibs offer impressive features, including a durable Cordura shell, a padded seat design, reinforced knees and lower legs with Amortex Kevlar, and removable knee guards.

If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to extend the coverage of the knee guards around the inner knee area slightly. This is particularly relevant in the world of rider-forward design, where there can be increased pressure points on the inner knee, rather than a uniform knee interaction.

The Insulation and Fit of TOBE Iter V2 Bibs

With 120 g of Thinsulate insulation ensuring warmth, the stretchable fabric around the waist and torso provides a natural and comfortable fit.

Unlike many other bib designs, the TOBE Iter V2 bibs feature full-length leg zippers that make getting in and out hassle-free, whether you’re wearing boots or not. Say goodbye to awkward contortions when taking them off — TOBE got it right!

To add to the exceptional quality, these TOBE Iter V2 bibs come with wide, adjustable shoulder straps and heavy-duty boot gaiters. They offer a comprehensive and premium experience.

Sizing Tips for TOBE’s Insulated Gear: A Firsthand Experience

One significant advantage, both for me and, I presume, for many snowmobilers, is that TOBE provides a variety of bib sizes with a “SHORT” designation. For years, I’ve advocated for this feature with other manufacturers, but TOBE has embraced it. This means you can enjoy a well-fitting bib without the inconvenience of cuffs that are too long – a big shout-out to TOBE!

ORDER NOTE: TOBE advises to size up one size when ordering their insulated offerings. I hesitated with this suggestion as I already sized up to accommodate my use of Tek Vest protection. I did order as suggested and my Iter V2 gear fit perfectly.

Order Now!

TOBE offers a full line of jackets, bibs, pants, mono suits, boots, gloves, helmets, goggles and beyond. TOBE is not inexpensive, but nothing worth having ever is.

Check out everything TOBE at TOBEouterwear.com. For the best selection of upcoming 2024 gear, order early.

A Resounding Endorsement

In every aspect I explored and every feature I uncovered, it became increasingly evident that the TOBE Iter V2 line is meticulously designed, well thought out, and impeccably manufactured.

Describing how much I appreciate and approve of the TOBE Iter V2 would be an understatement. It was undeniably a delightful experience with this apparel. Is it my new favorite? Absolutely! YEP!

TOBE or not TOBE, if that is the question, YES is definitely the answer.

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