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Yamaha 2024 SX Venom Mountain: From Teenagers to Experienced Riders

Let’s be honest, 2024 was a quiet release for Yamaha. I really wish they would’ve stepped up in the mountain segment but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit more. With that said, it doesn’t mean that snowmobiles that were fun in the previous years aren’t fun anymore. That’s exactly with this mindset that I picked my favourite 2024 Yamaha snowmobile.

I already see people being extremely confused about my choice, but I assume it.

Why The Venom Mountain SX Is My Favorite Yamaha Snowmobile of 2024

For me, favourite doesn’t mean fastest, meanest or craziest. It means more fun, and this is exactly why the SX Venom Mountain is my favourite Yamaha snowmobile for 2024.

I feel like I’m 14 again when I hop on this smaller snowmobile, and this is a feeling I’m not experiencing enough in my adulthood. It’s really too bad you can’t see my smile while riding this!

Having way too much fun on the Venom Mountain

A very Fun Snowmobile

Admittedly, the 400-cc engine isn’t a powerhouse, but given its target audience, it’s doing its job. This alongside its ⅞ size chassis makes for a really nimble package. You’d be surprised at all the things it can do for a “kid” snowmobile.

That said, I don’t think the Venom was designed to climb crazy steep hills or go in 4 feet of snow. Did we try it during last year’s SnowShoot? Yes, we did.

SX Venom
Yes, this is my side hilling on a 400-cc snowmobile at 9000’ altitude

Reaching Out to a Surprisingly Large Range of Riders

If we omit the price, the Venom is probably one of the most fun and adapted snowmobiles for a teen wanting to learn the basics of snowmobiling. It’s smaller, less powerful and really easy to maneuver. The same can be said for someone coming to the sport and wanting something with a smaller chassis that’s less intimidating than a full-size chassis.

The SX Venom Mountain: A Machine For Experienced Snowmobilers

Last but not least, and I think this is where I fit, experienced drivers have a blast riding this snowmobile. You can literally squeeze the throttle, forget about it and just carve in the snow with it. The cherry on top is that with the single rail underneath the snowmobile, you can do some really decent backcountry riding with Venom, as long as you don’t forget that you don’t have unlimited power.

To Conclude

Even though it’s very steep price tag, the SX Venom Mountain is still a very interesting snowmobile for the whole family. Whether you’re a teen learning to carve in the yard, a newcomer or an experienced rider wanting to ride a “fun toy,” you can’t really go wrong with it. My favourite thing about it is how fun and non-intimidating that snowmobile is.

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