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Jackets, Boots and Monosuits: TOBE Unveils New Products for 2024

Among snowmobile clothing manufacturers, TOBE Outerwear stands out. They make probably the highest-quality snowmobile outfits in the world. Known for their “monosuits” and impressive warranty, these pieces are undeniably worth their prices.

I have to confess up front that, until last year, I wasn’t aware that TOBE also produced clothing for trail snowmobilers. With their higher insulation levels, these garments are ideal for snowmobilers who want to cover several hundred kilometers a day. They complement the wide range of clothing already recommended by the majority of off-trail enthusiasts. That’s how TOBE offers a wide variety for every type of rider.

For 2024, TOBE is pushing back even further the high standards it has set itself. And it’s doing so with some exciting new products. Their sophistication and colors are sure to delight a large number of snowmobilers.

Let’s Begin with What They’re Famous for Dive into the World of TOBE Monosuits


TOBE is offering brand-new sets, but also improvements for 2024. To start with, the Vivid V3 model is now available with a modified version that many will appreciate. Everything else remains the same, such as the 45,000 mm Sympatex® membrane and a durable Cordura® shell that makes it 100% windproof, 100% waterproof and perfectly breathable. However, new colors aside, unlike its Vivid V3 twin, the new Vivid V3 NO ZIP has no leg zipper.

More Variety for Women!

The new Celcus set is the latest addition to the snowmobile monosuit range. It’s specially designed for women who cool off quickly, who have wider silhouettes or who simply appreciate a loose fit. It’s fully insulated and, of course, 100% wind and waterproof. It has all the usual features of a high-quality one-piece suit for the demanding snowmobiler, such as numerous pockets, Kevlar-reinforced zones and comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. Perfect for winter adventures in the mountains or on the trail!

Ladies’ Ekta Limited Edition: Classic Snowmobiling and High-End Technology

Secondly, the limited edition Ekta one-piece set completes the range. The Ekta is a combination of classic snowmobile and high-tech for women. Although most of their equipment is unisex, this suit has been specially designed for women with high demands in terms of snowmobiling and outerwear.

The basic model is a shell-type suit, but it’s also available insulated. It is waterproof to 45,000 mm, and high abrasion areas are reinforced with Cordura® and Armotex Kevlar. It also features numerous practical pockets, targeted ventilation and a padded fold-down seat that makes it perfect for long hikes or all-day skiing.

New Jackets to Satisfy a Wide Range of Snowmobilers!

It’s a common misconception that off-piste enthusiasts only wear one-piece outfits to practice their activity. TOBE also offers non-insulated and convertible 3-in-1 coats to adapt to the effort involved or the day’s weather.

These stylish coats offer all the technical features you could wish for. So, there’s something for every type of snowmobiler. Here are the major new TOBE coats for 2024. 

 Contego 3 in 1 

This coat has been designed and engineered for harsh climates and trail acceleration. It was created for the coldest days and toughest conditions. The ultimate in versatility, the Contego 3 in 1 jacket combines a fully waterproof outer shell with a warm fleece interior so you’re perfectly equipped for changing weather conditions. The waterproof yet breathable fabric and lightweight hood ensure all-round protection against the elements.  

Adaptable and Versatile 

With its 3-in-1 layered construction, you can remove the puffy lining from the shell and wear both separately. This jacket is 100% windproof and waterproof. Its versatility is its great strength: it can adapt to all weather conditions when you’re outdoors. Wear the liner alone when it’s cool and dry, or wear the shell alone when it’s wet. If it’s cold and wet, wear both. 


For those looking for maximum protection, TOBE’s new Arctos jacket is your ally. The Arctos insulated jacket is the warmest designed by this manufacturer and will keep you warm and dry in whatever nature throws at you.

The Arctos features 200 g of Thinsulate insulation on the body and 150 g on the arms, keeping you warm in the toughest conditions. It’s also packed with our usual features: adjustable and removable hood, multiple pockets, mesh-lined zippers, integrated snow skirt and metal D-ring for your safety. 


The Scope jacket is a jacket with lighter insulation. It offers an excellent compromise between freedom of movement and warmth. Designed for trail and off-piste use, this jacket is an excellent complement to our heavier garments.

The innovative aspect lies in the 3-in-1 layered construction: you can remove the puffy lining from the shell and wear them separately. This jacket is designed to be 100% windproof and waterproof, offering optimum protection. Its great strength lies in its versatility. In fact, it can adapt to all weather conditions when you’re out and about. 


Cappa Jacket for Women 

Cappa is a new insulated snowmobile jacket for women. It is 100% waterproof with 45,000 mm Sympatex construction. TOBE promises that this membrane will keep you dry, no matter what the situation. It’s also windproof and breathable, making it perfect for a variety of activities in all weather conditions.

The adjustable, removable hood lets you adapt to changing weather conditions on the move.

New Necto Boots

These beauties are designed for everyday wear at a very affordable price. The Necto is an aesthetic, comfortable and multifunctional boot that, thanks to well-thought-out materials, is equally suited to outdoor activities and everyday life.

These boots are comfortable, waterproof and feature a 1,000 g ThinsulateTM Advanced lining to keep your feet warm. The durable Vibram® outsole will last forever, and an extra layer of insulation under the insole keeps out the cold from the ground.  Definitely a great alternative for ice fishing and outdoor activities of all kinds. 

Be Ready for Winter 2024 With TOBE Clothing

In conclusion, as you can see from reading these lines, TOBE Outerwear continually offers us great new products to match our various winter activities. Don’t hesitate to visit their website and see for yourself just how different it is!

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