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ewool Gifts to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm

Restez au chaud avec ewool

When engaging in winter activities, feeling the cold seeping through our clothes significantly diminishes the satisfaction we derive from them. Winter sports enthusiasts often share a common mantra: “There’s no bad weather, only poor clothing choices.” Fortunately, eWool offers a range of products tailored for winter activity enthusiasts.

Conquering the Cold: eWool’s Heated Apparel Collection

Many individuals prefer to stay indoors due to the fear of cold. So, why not gift them heated clothing for Christmas, ensuring they stay warm even on the coldest days?

Our partner, eWool, provides a range of products designed to maximize the enjoyment of winter activities for even the chilliest individuals. Here are some gift suggestions for your loved ones.

Heated Liners for SnapConnect Gloves

Doublures chauffantes pour gants SnapConnect

These liners deliver 10 watts of warmth, more than twice the market standard. Depending on the intensity, they provide protection from the cold for up to 7 hours. Each finger is individually heated for optimal warmth. The glove liners come with a battery that releases twice the power of our competitors, allowing you to wear them inside your favorite gloves or mittens. Additionally, these liners are touchscreen compatible and come in 5 sizes.

Price: $379.00


Flip Mitts

Flip Mitts

Designed to be worn over the heated liners, these mittens feature a magnetic cap for the thumb and another for the other fingers. In addition to keeping your hands warm, you can enjoy the benefits of both gloves and mittens, complementing your heated clothing ensemble.

Price: $129.00

Note that a $30 discount is applicable if you purchase the heated liner/Flip Mitts combination.


SnapConnect Heated Leg Covers by eWool

Couvre-bas chauffants SnapConnect

These heated leg covers provide warmth to the toes, offering between 3 and 8 hours of heat, depending on the selected level. It’s possible to add a second battery to double the duration. Moreover, these leg covers are machine washable.

Price: $398.00 Additional Batteries: $119.00


METRO Heated Jacket

Veste chauffante METRO

A lightweight, full-zip, fleece-heated jacket, the METRO provides 18 watts of power. The heating panels cover the front and back. This slim and comfortable jacket comes in 6 sizes with distinct cuts for both men and women.

[Link (Men)] [Link (Women)]

Price: $398.00

eWool PRO+ Heated Jacket

Veste chauffante PRO+

Designed for extreme cold, the PRO+ jacket features strategically placed heating elements at the front, back, collar, and lumbar area. It offers an impressive 51 watts of warmth, with three intensity levels for added comfort. The battery provides up to 7 hours of heating autonomy. Available in 6 sizes for both men and women.

[Link (Men)] [Link (Women)]

Price: $598.00

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