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2023 Polaris Khaos Boost — A Beast that wants to play.

Last winter season in West Yellowstone was one for the books, a perfect season to test a big horsepower turbo. We had lots of snow and the storms just kept coming.

My season started in early November and went late into May, so I had a chance to test this sled over a broad range of snow types, depths, and temperatures. It was a perfect year to challenge and test the 2023 Polaris Khaos Boost in the 165″ package.

This big mountain package is an all-around performer, giving the rider maximum horsepower, traction, and flotation. Let’s break this sled down and take a more in-depth look at some of my favorite features.

  • 2023 Polaris Matryx RMK Khaos
  • 850 Patriot Boost
  • 165 Slash Tunnel
  • 75″ Series 8-track with QuickDrive2
  • Walker Evans Velocity Shocks

850 Patriot Boost Power

If you’re a mountain rider or someone looking to elevate their performance in backcountry mountain riding, you must seize the opportunity to experience the Polaris Boost. The power enhancement of the Boost is particularly noticeable in higher-elevation riding areas.

Polaris states that the Patriot Boost delivers 50% more power at 10,000 feet elevation than its naturally aspirated 850cc motor. After riding this sled equipped with the Patriot Boost for the season, the discernible increase in turbo-powered strength is undeniable. On those deep-riding days and challenging steep terrains, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Conquering the Unthinkable 

The controllability and sheer enjoyment of the Patriot Boost’s power from Polaris will leave you with an ear-to-ear smile, taking you to mountain places you never thought possible. Some of the lines this sled did were ones I would have hesitated at before, thinking, “I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but let’s grab a handful, push this sled, and give it a go.”

This engine package is truly amazing, surpassing my expectations in every aspect. The Patriot Boost from Polaris impressed me with its substantial yet manageable power.

Khaos Chassis…My Personal Favorite

Ever since Polaris introduced the Khaos chassis a few years ago, it has consistently remained my preferred choice among Polaris’s options, alongside the Pro. I prefer a sled that sacrifices a bit of predictability in favor of playfulness. Therefore, the Khaos embodies just that — a lively machine always ready for a good time.

While the Pro may have the upper hand on the deepest days in challenging terrain, the Khaos chassis is specifically tailored for riders like me. Meaning those who seek enjoyment and playfulness throughout the day, regardless of conditions or terrain.

Having ridden the Khaos for the last two years, I’ve been really happy with its performance. If I were to place an order for a Polaris today, without a second thought, it would be the Khaos chassis.

“165” Length…Is It Too Long?

Last season, I took the 165″ length track for a spin. Usually, this length exceeds my preferred size for my style of riding. However, when paired with a turbo, it appeared to create the ideal combination. The 165″ track provided the extra flotation, stability, and traction I seek in deep snow and technical terrain. Despite the turbo’s power boost at higher elevations, I discovered that the 165″ length still felt a bit too long for my personal taste and riding style.

Despite the significant increase in horsepower at higher elevations with the turbo, I would opt for the 155′ length as my preferred backcountry, all-mountain track size. Don’t get me wrong, the 165″ length is fantastic for climbing and side-hilling on the steepest terrain. If you enjoy riding in more open, steep areas rather than navigating tight, technical, treed sections, then the 165″ length is the ideal choice for you.

Series 8 2.75″ Track

While testing the Matryx Khaos Boost last season, I had the chance to put the Series 8 2.75-inch track through its paces. I explored its performance across various snow depths and conditions, finding it to be an exceptional all-mountain and all-snowpack track. Surprisingly, it demonstrated excellent grip on a firmer snowpack, offering traction beyond my expectations.

Noteworthy is the full-length rods integrated into the Series 8-track, enhancing sidehill bite for superior traction. Beyond its impressive traction capabilities, the track proved to be predictable and controllable, encouraging riders to push their limits. Despite the robust power of a turbo and the rugged demands of mountain riding, the track exhibited remarkable toughness. Upon inspection after the season, there were no missing lugs, rubber cracks, or visible damage. Overall, the Series 8 2.75″ track stood up to all the off-trail riding abuse I threw at it with ease.

2023 Polaris Khaos Boost

2023 Polaris Khaos Boost : A Big Mountain Performer

The 2023 Polaris Khaos Boost in the 165″ package is a standout performer designed for big mountain performers. Targeting riders seeking to conquer the largest sections of the mountain in the deepest snow conditions, the Khaos chassis adds a playful element compared to the Pro.

The 165″ track length, paired with substantial turbo horsepower, ensures stability and climbing prowess on the steepest mountain sections.

Throughout the season, this sled proved to be outstanding, and I really enjoyed riding it all season. If you’re a rider in search of a sled that can take you to the mountain’s summit on the deepest days while allowing for playful maneuvers along the way, the Polaris Khaos Boost is an incredible combination that deserves your attention.

Last winter, I also had the opportunity to ride the 2024 Polaris 9R Pro in the 165″ package featuring the new 3.25″ Series 9 track. You can find more details about that sled package in this article: “2024 Polaris 9R 165”.

2023 Polaris Khaos Boost

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