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Being cold is no longer an option with the Ewool heated jacket

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The fashion for heated clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years. The batteries are progressing rapidly and their autonomy allows for wireless options for the various heated items.


I had the chance to try the Ewool clothing. For those who don’t know them, I can tell you that they are very high quality clothes. First, unlike some other brands of heated clothing, the Ewool jacket looks great and you can wear it as a visible layer.

Another thing I noticed is the size of the battery, it is bulky, but very thin, which is not annoying in the back pocket provided for this purpose. It allows to have a good autonomy. We speak about 2 hours at high intensity, 4h at the average level and 8h at the weakest level.

You can also plug the jacket directly into a 12V outlet if you want. Most vehicles have the option or it can easily be added at a low cost.


The first thing I noticed after my test was how quickly the jacket gets warm. It’s really surprising how quickly you can feel the heat. With the three levels of intensity, you can control the right temperature thanks to the button located on the bottom of the jacket on the left side. Moreover, because of the color of the light of the button, we can also easily know at which level we are.

The jacket is easy to use and really effective. You can clearly see the quality that prevails when you try the Ewool jacket. Also, I liked the heating elements that are not perceptible, the jacket remains soft and in addition, you can feel the heat really everywhere, even in the neck, which is a big plus in my opinion.

Another nice thing is the two elastic bands on the side that allow you to get a snug fit. The elastics help the jacket to stick to the body in order to be as efficient as possible and avoid heat loss. I think this is one of the reasons why it is so effective.


Otherwise, a small point that could be reviewed is the fact that the battery goes in the back pocket, but if we are in a vehicle like a car or a side-by-side, the battery is annoying. It could be interesting if there was another pocket which would allow to place the battery in two different places according to our position.

The snowmobile season unfortunately came to an abrupt end, as it was not a winter that will go into the record books for the accumulation of snow on the ground, but it is only a postponement and a good news for the quad season that will be longer this year. The Ewool jacket will definitely be a must to bring with me during the colder days or evenings. I’m not only planning to use it for my favorite motorsports, but also in everyday life thanks to its all-purpose look. I can only say positive things about this jacket. It is truly a superior product and its effectiveness is proven.

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