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2025 RMK Khaos: I Finally Met My Dream Polaris Snowmobile

2025 rmk khaos 2025

When Polaris released the Khaos for the year model 2020 and I had the chance to review it, I remember thinking, “If Polaris made a 146-inch variant of it, it’d be a hell of a snowmobile.” Imagine what I thought when the 9R engine was released a few years later. I always thought that if I ever bought a Polaris snowmobile, it’d be this one, no question. For the 2024 Snow Shoot, I finally met with this snowmobile that’s been around for a few years now. My first impression of the 2025 RMK Khaos? Absolutely perfect for my riding style.

Polaris 2025 9R RMK Khaos 146

For 2025, the RMK Khaos and Pro RMK are now an impressive 7 pounds lighter. This goes to show Polaris’ commitment to offering the lightest snowmobile they can to the mountain riders. You can read more about Polaris’ 2025 innovations in the RMK department in this article.

To me, there are a couple of things that make the 9R RMK Khaos 146 so fun. First of all, I always found the Patriot 9R engine to be a very responsive and powerful engine. Especially in higher altitude terrains, it’s the sweet spot between naturally aspirated 850 cc and turbo-compressed engines.

Fun, nimble and smooth snowmobile.

Secondly, I found that the mix of the Matryx platform with the Khaos backend was really fun, while staying grounded. Let me explain. The 2025 RMK Khaos is a wild and fun snowmobile, and that’s by design. My expectation was that the 146″ variant of the Khaos, especially with the Patriot 9R engine, would be over-the-top. I was happily surprised to note that it rode surprisingly smoothly.

When you ride the 9R Khaos 146 in neutral position, it just feels smooth and easy. That’s largely thanks to the powerful 9R engine under the hood, which gives it plenty of power and confidence. And even if you’re not quite ready to pull off hop overs like a pro, you have another trick up your sleeve: wheelies. With its 2.6 ″ track and punchy Patriot 9R engine combo, this sled becomes a blast for popping wheelies. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a bit of excitement in the backcountry.

Plus, the shorter tunnel and track setup of the 2025 RMK Khaos make it super nimble and easy to handle. I noticed right away how much easier it was to make sharp turns compared to longer versions of the Khaos. It’s like this sled was made for weaving through tight spots and tackling tricky terrain without breaking a sweat.

In a nutshell, the 9R Khaos 146 isn’t just good at handling different riding styles—it’s also a ton of fun to ride, thanks to its agility and responsiveness. It’s the kind of sled that’ll put a smile on your face every time you hit the snow.

A wheelie machine!

Of course, the snowmobile will fall short in some types of terrains. First of all, it won’t be the best snowmobile for sidehilling. The shorter track combined to the Khaos rear suspension will make the snowmobile trench and be imprecise on one ski. Where it’ll struggle is in very deep and steep terrains. The 2.6 ″ lug track and lack of track length will also contribute to trenching in those expert-level terrains.

The only thing I’ll complain about the 2025 RMK Khaos is the cockpit. More specifically the handlebar. It is overdue for a refresh. The handlebar setup is awkward compared to the other manufacturers. I personally like higher handlebars, but the ProTaper setup on Polaris mountain snowmobiles is getting old.

To Conclude

In my mind, there’s absolutely no doubt about which snowmobile reigns as my favourite in the 2025 Polaris mountain lineup. The 2025 9R RMK Khaos 146 stands out as a truly dynamic, nimble, and exhilarating package. Admittedly, it’s not a sled designed for every rider; those hardcore enthusiasts tackling deep snow might naturally gravitate towards a longer track package, perhaps even opting for the Pro RMK. However, for riders like myself who relish the agility and responsiveness of shorter mountain sleds, the 9R Khaos 146 is an absolute joy to ride. Its agility knows no bounds, effortlessly popping wheelies on demand and delivering an all-around thrilling experience.

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