CKX Snowmobile Gear: Kelton Jacket and Conquer Bib

manteau kelton et salopette conquer

First, for the trial of the Kelton jacket and Conquer bibs, I established the evaluation standards. If indeed this gear meets the requirements of what a snowmobiler seeks when purchasing gear. Initially, the evaluation points are; style, design, quality of materials used, zippers, seams, and, finally, the lightness of the gear. I invite you to continue reading and discover my observations and recommendations.

kelton jacket and conquer bibs

The Kelton jacket

The Kelton jacket has a style that demonstrates the quality of the material used in its construction. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, one notices the attention to detail and the quality of assembly, whether it be in the fabrics used or the quality of the seams.

What’s interesting about the Kelton jacket is that it features several pockets, and moreover, they are well placed on the jacket.

Definitely, during the design phase, CKX found it relevant to incorporate more pockets into the Kelton jacket. When snowmobiling, personal effects are numerous, and storage is an important aspect to consider when making a purchase. In the top pocket, there’s a wipe to clean our visor, which proves very practical when needed.

I noticed that the colour, mainly brown and black, isn’t flashy. This might appeal to snowmobilers who prefer discretion. The same goes for the logos reflected on the back, as well as the CKX logo on the front and the hood. There’s another logo, but this one is black.

The Kelton jacket provides excellent ventilation, which is a plus for a high-quality jacket when riding on mild days. I opened the two air intakes located at the top of the chest, near the arms, to ventilate the interior of the jacket effectively.

The jacket isn’t heavy because the materials used in its construction are already known for their lightweight and adaptability to withstand cold temperatures. Additionally, they absorb moisture well.

There’s also a removable hood that is easy to take off and prevents air infiltration, especially in cold weather.

Inside the jacket, there’s a lower attachment to prevent any air infiltration. The sleeve of the jacket near the wrist is equipped with Velcro to tighten and prevent air from getting in.

The fabrics inside the jacket are soft and comfortable. Its zippers are of very good quality and are water-resistant. There’s a magnetic flap included.

kelton jacket inside liner

Conquer Bibs

These Conquer bibs have been designed with high-quality materials that prevent cold from seeping in. Additionally, the fabrics used for the design feature Primaloft insulation technology, which prevents moisture and cold from remaining inside the garment.

As for the exterior, the materials are of excellent construction, preventing premature wear and providing protection from the cold. Starting from the knee down, Cordura fabric is used for leg and knee reinforcement.

conquer bibs

Speaking of the knees, there’s an interior pocket where CKX has placed a protective reinforcement. This makes a significant difference when my knees come into contact with the side panels during snowmobiling.

The Conquer bibs extend up to the chest, providing better protection against the cold. There’s double insulation in this area.

Two front pockets and two ventilation pockets between the thighs allow for ventilation when it gets a bit warmer.

The side zippers can be opened from the hip down, allowing us to keep them on when indoors.

It’s worth noting that the zippers are of high quality and feature AquaGuard by YKK, preventing water infiltration. The fabric inside is comfortable. The bibs are classified as hybrid because they feature a detachable insulated lining inside. When snowmobiling in spring, it can be easily removed to reduce heat inside the garment.

At the bottom of the bibs, there’s an adjustable cuff with Velcro and a hook to prevent cold and snow from entering.

Regarding the logos, the designer kept it simple on the pants. First, there’s one on the right thigh, on the suspenders, and a very discreet one on the upper left. Additionally, two fluorescent logos can be seen at the bottom front, as well as two others at the bottom back.


My trials took place in temperatures ranging from 5°C to -25°C, including a rainy morning. The gear itself is able to compete with high-quality clothing manufacturers. This gear impressed me with its design and the quality of materials used. Both the Kelton jacket and the Conquer bibs keep snowmobilers warm and comfortable during their rides. Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions, this gear passed all tests with flying colours! This should make its owner happy during the snowmobiling season.

Now, concerning the quality-price ratio, I highly and unequivocally recommend it. The displayed price is $685 for the complete set of the Kelton jacket and Conquer bibs.

A special thanks to the company Kimpex, which provided me with a set of snowmobile gear. Thus, I was able to trial the Kelton jacket and Conquer bibs.


All these products have been used in the design of the jacket. This ensures that the jacket withstands cold, eliminates moisture inside, and the fabric is flexible and lightweight. I consider it a high-quality snowmobile jacket.

The Kelton Jacket

  • T4-FLEX stretch fabric
  • Primaloft insulation 300 g in the body, 250 g in the sleeves
  • Fleece lining on the collar and shoulders
  • YKK AquaGuard front zipper with magnetic front flap for wind and cold protection
  • Cargo-style hand-warmer pockets with water-resistant zipper and magnetic flap
  • Lens chamois attached inside the left chest pocket.

Conquer Bibs

  • Primaloft 100 g insulation
  • Original Cordura fabric for knee and leg reinforcement
  • Insulated design: detachable insulated lining
  • YKK AquaGuard front zipper
  • Stretchable side panels on the upper part
  • Waterproof thigh ventilation

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