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CKX Elevation Mono-Suit—Is it for you?

a man wearing the ckx elevation mono-suit kneeling by his snowmobile

For years now we’ve seen the Mono-Suit make a comeback. While it may not always be in the colour or style we are attracted to, the one-piece is nonetheless here to stay. I have to confess, while Mom may have outfitted us kids in a “onesie” back in the ’80s when riding with Dad, it didn’t remain my choice as an adult rider. As the years have passed, like any snowmobile rider, I have been searching for the most functional and yet appealing riding gear. With this in mind, I was curious to see if I would like the modern-day Mono-Suit, with its new insulation and water-wicking technology. I was excited when Sledmagazine collaborated with Kimpex for the opportunity to test the CKX Elevation Insulated Mono-Suit. Given the opportunity, I provided them my size and the suit was at my door!

Who Is the CKX Elevation Mono-Suit For?

First, let’s talk about my riding style, riding environment, and sizing. I hope it helps you decide whether the CKX Elevation Mono-Suit is right for you or not.

There’s a saying where I live that says “no fishing tackle box ever has one lure to catch every kind of fish.”

My riding style has quite a wide range. I have been blessed to be a backcountry guide, a photographer, and an interpretive trail guide in Yellowstone. One day I’m sweating bullets tugging skis in the bush, another I’m cruising the trails at moderate speeds looking for wildlife, and finally, I’m slugging through the snow with a camera chasing the perfect photo.

So, back to my tackle box analogy. The CKX Elevation suit is insulated, but it’s not so thick as to perform well in -30 ºF (-34 ºC). You will need to wear layers. I chose a single thin underlayer with a high quality down puffer, making a perfect setup for those negative temperature days. I believe the CKX Elevation’s lighter insulation makes for better versatility. Remember, like finding the right fishing lure, you will need to experiment to see what works for you in the layering department!


Now, imagine your trail riding many miles. It’s -50 ºF (-45 ºC), with windchill, and your windshield is as big as a bug shield. Finally, you get to the good powder play areas. Once you’re there, you work up a sweat digging your friends out. This is where the CKX Elevation suit starts to shine. The multiple zipper vents are the key to airflow and temperature management. Inside, the vent compartment is a mesh preventing snow from getting in while still allowing heat to get out. Open the vents when you’re hot and close them when you’re not. I was able to access all the vents and easily slide the zippers. No asking your buddy or, in my case, a client to grab my armpit zipper and zip me up or down!

This suit performs great in the moisture-wicking category as well. I didn’t get noticeably wet during powder rides and, with proper vent use and layering, I did not freeze or overheat. The CKX Elevation suit comes with a removable hood. That was another question mark for this skeptic. I found the hood to be awesome! On those snowy windy days, it was great to have the hood over my stocking cap while hanging out with my fellow riders. It was a major comfort factor I easily overlooked.

How Does the Mono-Suit Fit?

Let’s talk about fit and comfort level. I’m 5′7″, 175 lb, with a 32″ waist. The medium-size CKX Elevation suit fit me perfectly with extra room for layering and mobility. When out to lunch, or for bathroom breaks, the suit is very adept and functional. Supported by an internal suspender system, the suit hangs nicely on the body both while normal use or with the top peeled down. The inside pocket was large enough for my phone and all the zippers and gaiters in the legs worked well. Its reinforced high-wear areas are a great attention to detail and will offer good longevity.

That’s a wrap!

In conclusion, I would say I’m no longer a skeptic. Instead, I’ve become a fan of the CKX Elevation Mono Suit. I would consider this suit a medium-duty build quality, making it lightweight and affordable. The most positive aspect from wearing this suit is how unrestricted I felt. My mobility while aggressive trail riding and doing backcountry maneuvers has greatly improved! I actually never knew how restricted I was while wearing my bib and coat combo for all these years. The CKX Elevation Mono-suit is a breath of fresh air in terms of comfort and mobility. While I highly recommend this suit, I’ve always been impressed with CKX’s other products as well. So check them out! You won’t be disappointed!

a person wearing the ckx elevation mono-suit standing in front of a snowmobile

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