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Kimpex Handlebar Muffs… Why Do Without Them?

A Necessary Mea Culpa

I have a confession to make. For ages, I have used good old mittens on my snowmobiles. They had seen many winters and served me well. However, it was time to put them away and send them to a well-deserved retirement. They were greatly worn-out, and they no longer provided the support I needed. Thus I decided; Kimpex’s handlebar muffs would be their worthy replacement!

The practice of snowmobiling is an exhilarating activity. The success of our rides lies in our ability to counter the effects of Mother Nature. Cold is one of our worst enemies, and, with the proper equipment, we can definitely make the difference between a successful day and a strenuous one.

I have no intention of reinventing the wheel here, but accessories and gear have evolved over time. A variety of accessories have improved and become more efficient. The result: our snowmobiling life is made much easier.

Kimpex Handlebar Muffs

Kimpex Handlebar Muffs

I proceeded to replace my old muffs with what seems to be the best in this field: Kimpex’s handlebar muffs … with windows!

Why this choice? Firstly, due to the well-established reputation of this manufacturer. Secondly, I was won over by the ability to easily see the controls on my handles. I must admit that I felt a lot of frustration with my previous muffs having to go blindly to select the right switches! Kimpex muffs offer visibility and allow for easy manipulation of the handlebar buttons at all times.

At Last, Muffs That Are Up to the Task!

The Kimpex handlebar muffs are extremely well conceived. They ensure lasting performance and protection against winter elements. The Velcro and adjustable cord are simple but very effective, allowing for a quick and sturdy attachment to my handlebars.

The interior of the handlebar muffs is exceptionally comfortable. Forget about trembling fingers thanks to their super warm fleece lining. However, I would have appreciated the option to remove the inner lining when the weather warms up.

After my first few kilometres of use, I felt angry with myself. I questioned why I had waited so long to get muffs like these. Beyond the fact that I tend to be somewhat conservative, I endured a situation that could have been easily improved if I had just opened my mind.

I quickly realized the benefits of the protection these muffs provide against the cold and wind in this vulnerable area: the hands. We have all experienced discomfort caused by winter at this extremity of our bodies, so it is only fitting to protect them well.

Fleece-lined interior of the kimpex handlebar muffs

The Main Feature

On the upper surfaces of the Kimpex handlebar muffs, there are high-quality, cold-resistant transparent plastic windows. This is a key feature that many riders will appreciate depending on the type of snowmobile they are driving. Most sleds have controls and switches that would otherwise be covered. It is an asset that is bound to be useful to us.

They maintain their shape!

I am eager to see how they hold up over the years, but for now, I am highly satisfied with the rigidity of these muffs. An internal skeleton allows the handlebar muffs to maintain their shape at all times. Moreover, this feature provides my hands with more freedom to move inside without any hindrance. It is easy for me to quickly remove and insert my hands back in when I encounter other snowmobilers to signal the number of participants in my group following me.


The outer shell is made of 600-denier nylon/polyester coated with polyurethane, providing me with water-resistant protection when riding while it’s snowing. This is suitable even for the harshest winters!


The universal fit of the Kimpex handlebar muffs makes them accessible to most snowmobiles. They are universal in the sense that they can be used on Ski-doo, Polaris, Arctic Cat, or Yamaha. Imagine buying muffs labelled with a snowmobile manufacturer’s brand and then purchasing a snowmobile from a different brand the following year. I’m not sure you’d want to use Polaris muffs on your Ski-doo, and vice versa.

Yes, but I already have heated grips on my snowmobile!

From experience, having heated grips on a snowmobile in extremely cold weather is not always enough. In the past, at temperatures below -30 °C, I’ve experienced episodes when my hands were frozen, and I couldn’t warm them up to an acceptable level. It wasn’t even my gloves that were the issue. It was simply factors like the wind, humidity, and my cruising speed, which, when combined, caused discomfort.

The Kimpex handlebar muffs are therefore welcome in more extreme cases. On the flip side, I also use them in milder temperatures when I want to wear simple lightweight gloves or go simply bare-handed.

A Slight Recommendation

These handlebar muffs do not have a reflective strip like a very similar model at Kimpex. Is this a deliberate omission to create a more streamlined design? Apart from the Kimpex logo on them, there is nothing that pertains to this safety aspect, which would certainly be an added value.

In conclusion, if you need high-quality snowmobile handlebar muffs but are on a tight budget, these will give you an almost unbeatable quality-to-price ratio. Kimpex’s handlebar muffs offer a lot for cheaper in comparison to heated gloves. You can now protect your hands with warm comfort without breaking the bank.

Kimpex model 370,292


  • Very well-designed aesthetics!
  • Wind and water-resistant,
  • Suitable for most models,
  • Sturdy frame for easy entry and exit,
  • Completely waterproof,
  • Super cozy inner fabric.


  • Lack of a reflective strip,
  • Opening collar not sufficiently sealed.

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