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CKX Alaska: Is It the Ideal Gear for Facing Our Harsh Winters?

would like to express my gratitude to Kimpex for their trust and the opportunity they provided me to present a summary of my trials with the CKX Alaska snowmobile gear.

These trials were conducted in various conditions, reflecting the climate changes we have experienced over the years.

Technical Features of the CKX Alaska Snowmobile Gear

The CKX Alaska snowmobile gear stands out with its high-quality technical features, ensuring comfort and performance:

  • Primaloft Insulation: The gear is equipped with Primaloft insulation of 200 g for the body and 170 g for the sleeves, offering optimal thermal protection.
  • Element Resistance: With a membrane providing a wind resistance of 10,000mm and water resistance of 10,000mm, this gear is designed to face all weather conditions. It also provides breathability of 10,000g/m2/day.
  • Matching Pants: The pants feature the same Primaloft insulation as the sleeves of the coat and possess similar technical characteristics.

Manufacturing of the Gear

The manufacturing quality of the CKX Alaska gear is exemplary:

  • Primaloft Insulation: The Primaloft material ensures consistent warmth, preventing moisture from accumulating inside the garment.
  • Taslan Fabric: The use of 100% nylon Taslan fabric in the design of the gear makes it waterproof in rainy weather.

CKX Alaska Coat

The Alaska coat seamlessly blends style and functionality. Robust and straightforward, it’s designed to withstand the harshness of winter. The coat features sealed seams and a high-quality YKK Aquaguard zipper, preventing water infiltration.

Subtle Logos

The product logos on the coat are discreetly placed at the front and back, with reflective elements for enhanced nighttime visibility.

CKX Alaska

CKX Alaska

Wind Protection

With its 3/4 length, the coat effectively shields against the wind, while the high collar provides additional protection against the cold.

Multiple Pockets

The coat boasts numerous practical pockets, including two on each side, one on the inside, and two small pockets on the chest and sleeve, perfect for storing various items. 

Customized Fit

The cuffs are equipped with Velcro straps for a personalized fit, while the interior cuffs feature insulating fabric to ward off the cold.

Side Ventilations

Two-side mesh ventilation with zippers provides improved airflow during milder weather.

Comfort and Functionality

CKX Alaska

The coat’s interior is lined with soft fabric and polar fleece, offering unparalleled comfort. A well-thought-out emergency switch ring is conveniently placed on the right front.

Adjustable Hood

I found the hood of this coat to be both practical and functional. It’s adjustable, removable, and remarkably easy to remove. The hood proves to be a reliable ally for shielding against the wind and cold. It provides effective protection, ensuring comfort and warmth in challenging weather conditions.

CKX Pants Review

The CKX pants immediately won me over with their style, exceptional quality, and unmatched comfort.

CKX Alaska

Subtle Branding

Just like the matching coat, the pants discreetly feature the CKX brand logos, adding an elegant touch to their design.

Refined Functionality

The pants offer a range of well-thought-out features, including two high-quality YKK Aquaguard zippered pockets at the hip and right thigh level. Furthermore, a full-length YKK Aquaguard zipper eases boot access.

Durability and Comfort

Reinforcements in nylon at the knees, legs, and seat provide not only excellent durability but also outstanding comfort.

CKX Alaska

Convenient Adjustability

The pant’s size is adjustable, and the suspenders can be easily removed, offering an option for those who prefer suspenders-free pants.

Element Protection

CKX Alaska

At the bottom of the pants, an interior snow skirt ensures effective protection against snow and cold, ensuring a comfortable experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend this high-quality gear. In temperatures below -20°C, it’s advisable to wear thicker undergarments, as you would with other high-quality clothing.

Heated Gloves: Unmatched Winter Comfort

Quality Materials

Mobile heated textile gloves are crafted with exterior Oxford polyester and a waterproof Rainguard lining to prevent any water infiltration. Their construction is robust, with high-quality seams, and the interior of the hand is reinforced for increased durability.

CKX Alaska

Custom Fit

For a perfect fit, these gloves come equipped with an outer Velcro strap, allowing you to adapt them to your hand.

CKX Alaska

Cold Protection

The gloves’ ample length guarantees they extend over your coat sleeves, effectively preventing wind from infiltrating. Well-engineered battery positioning ensures even weight distribution and eliminates discomfort during your activities. The wrist closure is straightforward yet efficient.


Interior Comfort

The inside of the gloves is lined with a soft and comfortable material, providing a pleasant sensation.

 Personalized Warmth

These heated gloves offer 4 levels of heat, ranging from blue, green, yellow to red. Adjustment is easy thanks to the integrated touch control for tailored comfort. The heat is distributed to frost-prone areas, such as the top of the hand and fingers.

High-Performing Batteries

The rechargeable 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries offer a 4 to 5-hour charging time. Operating at a moderate heat level during extremely cold outdoor temperatures, the gloves maintained optimal comfort. The autonomy is sufficient for an entire excursion.

CKX Alaska

As for the gloves, I observed their cold resistance during trials in temperatures ranging from 0°C to -20°C. They proved to be highly efficient, and I didn’t even need to adjust the heat level. The price of approximately $218 for gloves of this quality is entirely acceptable, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

 My Exceptional Experience with CKX Alaska Gear

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to test numerous snowmobile garments, and I can confidently say that the CKX Alaska gear has provided great satisfaction throughout this season.

Excellent Value for Money

In summary, the CKX Alaska gear is made with high-quality materials. It features numerous pockets, both internal and external, and boasts a sleek style. Its zippers are both durable and waterproof, and it has well-placed ventilation. Moreover, it’s lightweight and incredibly comfortable.

Its price, at approximately $800, represents excellent value for money.

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