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Klim 2023: The Gear that Redefines Mountain Standards

Klim Technical Riding Gear first started as Teton Outfitters in the mid-90s, and since then has been leading the charge for high-quality winter riding gear. Focused on using the most technologically advanced, and durable materials available.

Continually optimizing the design of all their gear, Klim has gear to suit the needs and demands of any snowmobiler. The items I selected to test are some of Klim’s most popular, and purpose-built backcountry mountain riding gear.

Klim Gear Tested

  • LOCHSA ONE-PIECE — Asphalt—Hi-Vis — Large
  • F5 HELMET — Hi-Vis — Medium
  • AEON GOGGLE — Asphalt with Light Yellow Tint
  • SPOOL GLOVE — Hi-Vis — XL Large

Klim Gear Performance in Varied Conditions

What a great year for snowmobiling and to test some of Klim’s lightweight, top-of-the-line backcountry mountain riding gear. Riding started in early November and went into May, so we had a lot of time to put some of Klim’s high-end mountain-focused gear to the test.

We had a lot of storms, with deep powder days, chilling cold snaps, and warm spring riding: a broad range of riding conditions to test each piece of gear.  Let’s see how each piece of gear performed in a harsh backcountry mountain setting.

LOCHSA ONE-PIECE— Asphalt—Hi-Vis — Large

Klim has masterfully customized the Lochsa one-piece, crafting it into an extraordinary outer layer tailored to the demands of hardcore backcountry mountain riders. This exceptional design strikes a perfect harmony between rugged durability and breathable comfort, with its foundation centered on the innovative three-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell.

This shell not only offers a durable outer layer for the entire body but also boasts the superior breathability that Gore-Tex is renowned for.

Klim 2023

At first, the Lochsa feels a bit stiff to the touch. However, once you put this outer layer on you feel how comfortable it is, and how well it fits the rider’s body. The Lochsa features a form-fitting design that enables riders to move freely without hindrance, whether they’re layering up for a trail ride into the mountains or facing frigid mornings. Additionally, it excels at shedding and expelling moisture, ensuring that the rider stays dry.

Klim 2023

Customizable to the Rider 

The Lochsa is also exceptional at allowing the rider to customize the one-piece to their body. No matter what type of rider you are, the Lochsa allows you to tailor the one-piece suit to your own body. It also lets you adapt it to your style of riding.

Some of the features that aid in this process are;

  • Non-slip adjustable and removable suspenders;
  • Adjustable waist;
  • Adjustable collar;
  • Removable hood;
  • Two underarm vents;
  • Two back vents and;
  • Two thigh vents.

All of the zippers on the Lochsa are YKK waterproof zippers. These zippers perform exceptionally well in snowy and cold conditions, effectively keeping snow and moisture at bay.

Avalanche Beacon Pocket

One of my favorite design features of the Lochsa is the new avalanche beacon pocket, specially designed with a built-in beacon harness and tether. This puts your avalanche beacon close to your body. Additionally, it makes it very easy for the rider to be able to access it quickly if they need it for rescue.

The fit and finish of the Lochsa one-piece was incredible. With its protective properties, it kept me warm, dry, and safe from the severe elements that backcountry mountain riders are exposed to. No matter what the riding conditions were last season, the Lochsa allowed me to ride in comfort all season.


F5 Helmet— Hi-Vis — Medium

The F5 Helmet is one of the lightest helmets designed for snowmobiling in the industry. Its shell is designed for maximum strength while remaining extremely lightweight. When you first put this helmet on, you’ll immediately notice two things: how light it is, and how comfortable it feels. All Klim helmets look good. But, the F5 looks exceptionally sharp with the multicolor design and hand-laid carbon fiber accents.  When you put it on, you hardly feel the weight. It’s comfortable and fits great.

The F5 also has an extra-large eye port for maximum field of vision. Even though the eye port is extra-large, when I used the F5 with the Aeon goggles, the fit was seamless. Even when trail riding on some really cold days, at higher speeds, I didn’t have any cold spots between the helmet and the goggles.

Fid-Lock Magnetic Strap

All Klim’s winter helmets now come standard with the Fid-Lock quick-release magnetic strap. This feature is amazing, super easy to use, and quite possibly my favorite feature of the helmet.

The Fid-Lock is a magnetic chin strap that, once adjusted to the rider, you’ll be in and out of the F5 helmet in seconds, with a quick pull on the release strap.

The Most Ventilated Helmet in the Industry 

Their F5 helmet is engineered to maximize airflow and venting. This helmet has 18 intake vents, and 8 exhaust vents. It’s the ultimate helmet for moving the air in and around your head to keep you cool when you’re riding.

If you’re a rider that tends to heat up quickly or sweat a lot, this is the perfect helmet for you. The vent design on the F5 is great, and without question provides the maximum amount of airflow.

I did cover a few of the intake vents last winter on some of the colder days. I’m a rider that doesn’t heat up or sweat much, so the F5 bordered on the edge of too vented for me. In the future, if the F5’s design could incorporate adjustable intake vents positioned over the goggles, it would be a valuable enhancement for this helmet.

Season-Long Satisfaction: The F5 Helmet’s Key Features 

Overall, the F5 helmet was a great helmet all season long, and in all weather conditions it was tested in. It’s extremely light, comfortable, easy to use, and with the extra-large eye port, allows for great visibility.

AEON GOGGLE — Asphalt with Light Yellow Tint

Klim designed the Aeon goggles to have maximum optical clarity, field of view, and ventilation. There’s a lot of technology and engineering packed into this goggle design that makes them extremely high-performing goggles.

I personally loved these goggles. They were comfortable, had an amazing field of view, didn’t fog, and had outstanding lens clarity.

Clarity and Field of View

The Aeon goggle features a toric lens shape, meticulously crafted to mimic the contours of the human eyeball. This intricate design minimizes optical distortion and significantly enhances the rider’s peripheral vision.

The clarity of the lens and the wide field of view offered by these goggles were truly fantastic. This enhanced visibility allowed me to perceive my surroundings with greater precision, boosting my confidence in low-light conditions. I could discern finer terrain details, enabling me to ride at a higher skill level.

Overall, the Aeon goggles’ comfort and fit with the F5 helmet were fantastic. It fits seamlessly to the F5 helmet and provides a tight fit with no cold spots between the helmet and the goggles when riding.

Lens Swapping

The magnetic hinge lock allows for quick, and easy, lens changes. Last season, I bought extra lenses instead of extra goggles. With the magnetic hinge lock system, I was able to change lenses easily on the snow, to provide more shading on bright sunny days, or clear, or yellow for cloudy, or overcast days.

Spherical Lens Design 

The Aeon goggles have superior venting, and a massive internal air volume, because of the spherical lens design. The extra air volume, combined with a full-frame venting system, and the anti-fog coating on the lens, all come together to make these extremely high-performing goggles.

SPOOL GLOVE — Hi-Vis — XL Large

The Spool glove is a Gore-Tex glove with a leather palm, and silicone fingers for extra grip. It’s designed to be a high-performing backcountry riding glove. Because it’s a Gore-Tex shell design with no insulation, I thought it was going to be a cold glove. However, it performed better than I thought and kept my hands warmer than I thought they would.

Once you’re in the Backcountry at a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more, this glove keeps your hands nice and warm and performs well. I wouldn’t recommend it for the colder trail rides, especially if your sled doesn’t have wind protection over your hands.

Most mountain riders trail ride in with a warm or heated set of gloves, and then switch to a lighter pair once they get to the backcountry, and the spool gloves are perfect for that.

Spool Gloves: Ideal for Early and Late-Season Riding 

The Gore-Tex and moisture-wicking liner did a great job of keeping all the moisture off my hands while riding. The spool glove is also a great early and late-season dirt bike glove since it’s lightweight, durable, and waterproof. With the silicone finger grips, the grip on the spool gloves is at a maximum.

Klim Gear Review: A Season-Long Performance Test

After a full season in the Lochsa One-Piece, F5 helmet, Aeon goggles and Spool gloves, it’s easy to see why so many backcountry riders rave about this gear. Each of these items is at the peak of performance for mountain riding. Therefore, it allows the rider to be totally comfortable while battling the worst elements mother nature has to offer. Not only does it perform extremely well, but it’s insanely durable also.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your backcountry riding gear, and you’re looking for the highest-performing gear available, I suggest you look at Klim’s lineup.

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