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My Klim Review: Do they live up to their reputation?

This winter, I had the chance to try out Klim clothing. For off-trail snowmobilers, this brand is iconic! That’s why I was extremely curious to try them out. Are they up to my expectations? To find out, just read on!

The Structure of My Test

I’m lucky enough to be dressed from head to toe, which allows me to have a certain overview. That’s why I’ll give you my general impressions of the whole as well as information on each of the pieces that make up this one. First, you will see my impressions of each of the pieces. Then, I will offer you my general appreciation to conclude this article.

The Conditions of our Tests

My tests take place near the Chic-Chocs Mountain range. Most of them were done during our outings from the end of December to mid-February. In various snow conditions and temperatures.

Adrenaline Pro GTX BOA Boots

On first contact, these boots are impressive in their rigidity. They have a very solid construction with little flexibility. They remind me of snowboard boots in that regard. That’s great because they offer added protection to the ankles. The sole, too, is very rigid and offers excellent protection. Traction on the running boards is ideal. However, on an icy surface beware, as these boots have no traction. I learned this the hard way.

The BOA system for attaching the boots is fast and efficient. I love these bindings because, with a simple push, you engage the spool, then just turn the control and your boots are securely fastened. They are quick to put on and take off. Once attached, the Adrenaline boots are snowproof. The seals are well made to close the boot with a construction that seems really durable to me due to its thickness and the quality of materials used.

After about ten outings, I noticed a deterioration of the crampons. It’s not dramatic, but it’s still worth noting.

In terms of comfort, once this one “broke in” to your foot, these boots are comfortable. To break these boots in, I wore them for a week during my daily activities. Once they were well placed on my foot, I can say that they are the most comfortable boots of my snowmobile career.

The inner lining is just soft enough to offer gentle support, but also stiff enough to offer good support. These boots are warm. I always wear them in combination with merino wool socks. This helps to manage moisture and not freeze my feet.

Overall, the boot is solidly constructed and offers excellent comfort and protection. I recommend it without hesitation.

Spool Gloves

Spool gloves are ideal for early and late-season technical riding. They offer a lot of control and impact protection. It’s a cold glove because it’s not insulated. If you want to wear it on cold days, I suggest wearing a liner inside. The grip is excellent and allows for precise control. A very pleasant aspect of all the Klim gloves I have tried is the pull tab. It’s simple, effective and allows you to pull up your gloves very easily.

It should be noted that for our harsh climate, this may not be the pair of gloves to prioritize when shopping. This is a technical pair, once in your playing area it will give you a lot of dexterity at the expense of protection against the cold.

F3 Helmet, Carbon

The F3 is a great lightweight, comfortable helmet with magnetic fasteners. I love the look of the outer shell with its carbon pattern. This one goes with any outfit and snowmobile. It is comfortable on long rides due to its extreme lightness: 1110 grams. The F3 Carbon helmet is very ventilated, I love the front vents, they bring a lot of fresh air to help me regulate my breathing. I use it in combination with the Balaclava KLIM and the Balaclava Glacier. The first one is for warmer days and the second one is for days under minus 15 Celsius.

Balaclava Glacier

All in all, I have nothing negative to say about this helmet, except that it would be nice if the GoPro attachment was included with it. The reality is that the F3 Carbon is a high-end, high-quality helmet, so it does the job nicely. I would recommend it to any serious off-road rider on a regular basis.

AEON Bezel


The scope with a wide angle of view. This one offers an incredible peripheral field of view. The yellow lenses on trial were perfect in most conditions. It is also equipped with magnetic lenses, with a quick replacement. This replacement system is the best I’ve had the chance to try.

Personally, I had some difficulties with the fit, I find them thick in the height, which makes me play on the angle of my helmet to have comfort at the level of my nose. The effect faded the more I tapped my helmet. Sometimes my lenses fogged up because of the bad positioning of my glasses on my nose. This was not the case with my Sinister 509 glasses, which were not as high and therefore had more vertical space.

Altogether, I loved the peripheral vision and the quality of the optics. The lens-changing system is fantastic and fast. It is a rather expensive optic, but it offers an excellent field of view. The cost of the frame will easily be offset by the purchase of additional lenses.

Ripsa Monopiece


Ripsa’s reputation is well-established in the industry, for me, it was my first experience. First, it is important to take into account that this garment is a shell. It is therefore not insulated. This means that your source of heat and insulation will have to come from your underlays and from you. It is therefore important to have a good underlay system.

A Comfortable and Efficient One Piece

I must emphasize the effectiveness of the seals on the boots and gloves. I had no snow intrusion from these two areas. At the level of the knees, there are protective pads. This help to reduce the impact. They are not as effective as a traditional knee protector, but they still offer a reduction of light impacts. I really appreciated their presence.

There are underarm ventilation hatches, which help regulate your temperature. In my conditions, they weren’t necessary, but I’m sure in the spring they will come in handy. You can adjust the garment with two belts on the sides, as well as a pair of suspenders. These straps offer Y-shaped support and easily support the weight of the garment. The whole thing is comfortable and keeps me agile.


When it comes to the quality of the Zippers, I have to say I am really pleased. Too often in the past, I have had garments that have given way very quickly. Here, I have to say that the quality and durability are spot on. I love the center position of the main zipper.  I find it well-placed and efficient. It’s easy to open from the bottom to urinate which is a plus. The zippers on the legs go high enough on the side to put the garment on with your boots on.


There are only three pockets and they are not very big. However, they do provide effective protection from the elements. Again, the closures are solid and waterproof. Personally, I would appreciate a larger chest pocket.


The set also comes with a hood, this one is removable. I must say that I particularly appreciate this one when I shovel to unhook my snowmobile.

I love the style, most of the sets feature a two-colour contrast. It’s tasteful and goes with a lot of different snowmobiles. It’s also very visible and I think it’s important for our safety.

Finally, Let’s Talk About Performance.

I must say that I am very satisfied with the Ripsa package because on all my outings I returned home dry. The internal and external moisture control is excellent. All of the internal surfaces are soft to the touch. The outer surfaces are sturdy and quickly stop the progression of any tears. The garment is soft and light. It allows me to maintain my agility. Finally, this is an excellent non-insulated one-piece, I really enjoyed it.

Final Results


In conclusion, the Klim clothing and accessories exceeded my expectations. Whether it’s their neat aesthetics, their high level of safety features, or their performance in the snow. I personally believe that every dollar invested in Klim clothing or accessories is worth it. Quality and performance are a given. I suggest that you visit your local retailer to try them out, they are well worth it.

As I leave you, I must thank Klim for allowing this test and thank you, dear reader, for visiting SledMagazine.ca.

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