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Gaspésie: Trail Between La Cache and Murdochville Closed for the Season

Gaspésie : sentier entre La Cache et Murdochville fermé pour la saison

Bad news that raises concerns about a trail in Gaspésie. It’s now clear that the section linking Relais de La Cache to the town of Murdochville will be closed for the entire 2024 season. This news is a disappointment for snowmobilers planning to visit this area.

This approximately 100-kilometer trail plays a crucial role in connecting regional trails 595 and 597, as indicated on the map below.


The decision to close this trail is a result of restrictions related to the use of two essential bridges. These bridges no longer meet current safety standards and require major repairs to address the situation.

A Minor Setback With No Major Impacts on Other Gaspésie Trails

However, it is important to note that this closure will have only a limited impact on other snowmobile trails in Gaspésie. All municipalities and tourist attractions in the region will remain accessible.

Rest assured, there are alternative options available for travelers planning a snowmobiling adventure for the 2024 season in this region.

It is essential to remember that, even though this trail is relatively new, it did not exist a decade ago. Gaspésie was already meeting the needs of snowmobile enthusiasts.

However, it is imperative to reevaluate certain routes offered by this trail to ensure the safety of users.

Towards the Reopening of the Trail Between La Cache and Murdochville in 2025?

It is clear that this decision was not made lightly but out of concern for the safety of all users.

It is expected that the situation will be rectified in preparation for the 2025 season, allowing us to once again enjoy this splendid trail.

In the meantime, it is advisable to make alternative arrangements for the upcoming season.

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