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First Nations Expedition: Day 15 | An Emotional End

expédition premières nations | First Nations Expedition

On this final day of the First Nations Expedition, we were heading towards the Meshkenu site departing from La Tuque. We made a stop in Wendake where a whole welcoming committee awaited us. Wow! The amount of love and admiration we received there. Up to that point, the journey had gone really well, and the conditions were decent. But to reach the final site, our path was strewn with obstacles. The conditions were not extraordinary, and the shortest trail we had to take was closed because a river was in the way.

In Wendake, someone had told us that there were only 87 km to cover. However, the new route was actually 115 or 120 km. Fuel wasn’t planned for that, so what had to happen happened … many ran out of gas. It was as if those watching over us from above since the beginning didn’t want it to end right away. Everyone eventually made it back with the extraordinary help of several people. We stayed united until the end. The farewells were painful, as I suspected, and we all cried inside our helmets throughout the day and at the end of the day. Several people eagerly awaited us at the finish line due to our significant delay of four or five hours. Their last dose of love comforted us, and a superb dinner was served.

A Memorable Journey

I will cherish each moment spent with my new brothers and sisters whom I will love for life. We didn’t just cross Quebec together on snowmobiles to carry the message of reconciliation. We also forged bonds, overcame obstacles, grew in heart, and learned from each and every one.

Now, I can say that I am ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure (because I wasn’t ready for this) with all of you, my friends from all nations. Let’s go! Let’s move forward!

Are you coming?

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