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On February 20th, the unveiling the new Ski-Doo 2025 model lineup will take place at Club BRP. It’s at this moment that both the media and the public will finally get to know the range of models and options available. Like every year, fans of the Ski-Doo brand are eagerly awaiting to discover the novelties and are on the lookout for any information that might be circulating from a secret location around Valcourt.

For the team at Sledmagazine.com, it’s somewhat the same. We strive to interpret the brand to assess which models or technologies are ripe for renewal. Also, what responses does BRP aim to send to the market based on what’s happening elsewhere in the industry? This forms the basis of our Ski-Doo 2025 predictions. Having experienced several Ski-Doo product launches over the past 10 years, BRP has always managed to impress us with unexpected novelties and innovations.

ski-doo 2025
The greatest innovation at Ski-Doo for 2024, the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine for the trail

2025 in Context

For 2025, there is a particular context. A perfect storm has shaken the snowmobile industry for the 2024 season, including high inflation rates, tightening household budgets, a winter with little snow in several regions, and high inventories in both new and used units. In this context, all manufacturers must find a way to move non-current units at dealerships, as well as generate high interest among consumers for sales of new models. I anticipate that consumer interest will be significantly higher for slightly less high-end and more affordable models. It is evident that Ski-Doo is well aware of the market reality and will adjust their overall strategy for 2025.

It is important to mention here that at the time of writing these lines, the Sledmagazine.com team and myself do not possess any specific, exclusive, or confidential information regarding the 2025 models. We are not under embargo, and what follows are merely our predictions. It’s all speculation.

So, I’ll dive into our Ski-Doo 2025 predictions!

Engine Technology

Over the past few years, Ski-Doo has introduced and improved several engine technologies. Brand enthusiasts have plenty of choices when it comes to cylinder capacity and desired power, whether it’s in the E-TEC or ACE versions. The 850 E-TEC engine was introduced for the 2017 model year, which is eight years ago already. This is quite a long cycle in the snowmobile industry. This engine has been well utilized with the addition of Turbo systems for mountain riding, and also this season with the 850 E-TEC Turbo R in the MXZ X-RS competition package.

Arctic Cat introduced a new engine this season with the 858 for their Catalyst chassis. So, why not anticipate a refresh of the 850 E-TEC that could become an 850R E-TEC, in an atmospheric version with the robustness of the Turbo version and an extra 10 HP? Ski-Doo obviously doesn’t want to undermine sales of models equipped with the 900 ACE Turbo R, but these are two complementary technologies, and the difference in weight and engine response offer very different dynamics in the driving experience.

2024 Trail Snowmobile Lineup

Utility Lineup

The REV Gen5 platform has been present at Ski-Doo since the 2023 season and is widely offered in trail and mountain models. Therefore, we anticipate that this platform will also be introduced in the Expedition, Skandic, and Tundra lineup models. Even though the REV Gen4 performs well, brand enthusiasts will be more than satisfied to see their favourite utility model assembled on the REV Gen5 platform with all the advantages it brings, including superior lighting with LED headlights.

The SC-5U suspension is also due for replacement. Although very effective on utility models, there have already been two iterations of the rMotion on the trail side. So, why not a new rMotion XU suspension for 2025?

Entry-Level or Affordable Models

Given the economic context, it’s evident that a significant portion of consumers will seek to save more on their next purchase by opting for a less high-end model. Choosing an X package rather than an X-RS, for example. Yes, Ski-Doo does offer models, like the Neo or Sport, that largely meet these criteria. In our opinion, there is a certain gap that could be interesting to fill in the lineup; between the MXZ Sport and Adrenaline models, for instance. It could be compelling to have the option of a Sports model with an engine like the 600R E-TEC. This could be an interesting compromise, offering more than adequate engine performance with a more traditional suspension setup.

Exclusive or Limited Edition Models

There’s nothing more powerful to ignite the passion of Ski-Doo enthusiasts than the introduction of an exclusive or limited edition model. We were fortunate, in 2022, to see the return of the legendary Mach Z name in the lineup. Two seasons later, it’s evident that, from a marketing perspective, it was a success. For this type of model, it’s important that there is a clear distinction in terms of technologies or performance compared to other models in the lineup. The name Blizzard, which is also very legendary, is present in the MXZ lineup. I’ve been dreaming for several years of seeing the Mach1 name again at Ski-Doo. A very appropriate name for a model equivalent to an MXZ X-RS with an 850R E-TEC engine… This is just speculation, a dream of your dear columnist…

Ski-Doo Mach Z, a name more than legendary

In the end, I believe that Ski-Doo can maximize the interest of brand enthusiasts with the introduction of a limited edition model that will be prized by both performance enthusiasts and collectors. The last model of this type dates back to 2009 with the MXZ 600 E-TEC 50th anniversary edition.


It’s therefore a date to mark on the calendar after the unveiling of the Ski-Doo 2025 lineup, where we can confirm whether our predictions were accurate. One thing is certain, Ski-Doo will not relinquish its position as a leader in the snowmobile industry and will certainly push the boundaries of innovation once again.

To learn everything about the 2025 models, visit us at Motoneiges.ca. Also, we encourage you to visit your BRP dealership, as well as attend the showroom during the spring tour.

The 2025 spring tour, the best place to see the entire range of Ski-Doo models

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