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What’s in Store for Us With Polaris in 2025?


As the snow is taking its time to arrive, I’ve spent some time thinking about what the manufacturer Polaris might have in store for us in 2025. This is an exercise I did last year (read the article here). Contrary to my expectations, the Roseau, Minnesota manufacturer had been quite modest with its innovations (read the article here). Indeed, it amounted to a new mountain track, new reversible snow scrapers, and improvements to the braking system on mountain models. So, after a more modest unveiling than what Polaris has accustomed us to over the years, I expect at least one big announcement for 2025!

My Expectations for 2024… Oops 2025!

Let’s quickly review what I had anticipated for 2024 and what could end up in Polaris’ 2025 lineup:

The semi-active Dynamix suspension in 2025?

It’s been three good years since I’ve been riding with the Smart Shox suspension on Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Needless to say, I dream of seeing the Dynamix system make its debut in the snowmobile world. Indeed, this system has been available in Polaris ATV lineup since 2018. I even had the chance to test it on an ATV in the summer of 2020. It completely changes the game in terms of comfort and handling, in my opinion. I had anticipated (hoped for) the arrival of the semi-active Dynamix suspension on certain Polaris snowmobile models in 2024. Seems I was wrong… We’ll see about 2025.

During turns, the Polaris Dynamix suspension adjusts the shocks of a quad to maintain a horizontal stance.

The Titan Family

Since its introduction in 2018, the Titan quickly established itself as one of the best 20-inch snowmobiles of the industry. Offered in three variations upon its introduction, Polaris now only offers the Adventure package. Until 2022, only the CleanFire 800 engine was available. Since 2023, Polaris has offered it with a four-stroke engine. The manufacturer has finally yielded to the recurring demands of enthusiasts for four-stroke engines. The ProStar S4 is now available in several models including the Titan.

Regarding the two-stroke engine offered for the Titan, I find it unfortunate that the CleanFire 800 has not yet been replaced by the 850 Patriot. In my opinion, the latter is vastly superior. With the current Titan platform, which is seven years old, and with a strong demand in this segment, I believe that Polaris is planning a completely new Titan for 2025. The pressure is even greater as Ski-Doo’s Expedition models, which have recently been redesigned, are selling like hot cakes. The manufacturer in Roseau knows that it could certainly increase its market share in this segment by offering a revamped Titan.

A Turbocharged S4 Engine?

When you open the panels of snowmobiles with an S4 engine, you notice that there is quite a bit of free space around this engine. Could Polaris have reserved this space to add a turbocharging system to the S4? In its current version, the S4 engine develops between 90 HP and 100 HP. So, it could be expected that a turbocharged S4 could have around 125 HP. This would open many opportunities for Polaris to target the mid-power four-stroke snowmobile market (120 HP to 140 HP).

ProStar S4 Engine

The End of the Liberty 550 Fan Engine in 2025?

At Polaris, the Liberty 550 Fan engine is offered in every entry-level models. Since this engine has been part of the Polaris lineup for over 20 years, its production cost must be very affordable. While this engine is known for its reliability, its technologies are definitely from another era. Once again, competition is pushing Polaris’s hand. In the near future, they will have to introduce a new, cleaner, and much less fuel-hungry two-stroke entry-level engine. We’re talking about an engine in the 80 HP to 100 HP category offered in basic models at a reasonable price.

Polaris could also take advantage of the introduction of this engine to offer a more modern chassis and appearance for all its entry-level models. It’s crucial to avoid the term “entry-level” being synonymous with an outdated appearance. The goal is to make the sport attractive to new enthusiasts. Manufacturers know that many people who buy their first snowmobile from a certain brand are likely to remain loyal for several years. This underscores the importance of being able to offer an interesting selection of entry-level models.

Polaris Liberty 550 Fan Engine
Liberty 550 Fan Engine

The Reality of the Market

Let’s not hide it, the market for new and even used snowmobile sales has greatly slowed down over the past two years. With a difficult winter when snow quantities are much lower than normal, there are probably many enthusiasts who will keep their current snowmobile for next year. Therefore, I don’t believe that Polaris will decide to announce many innovations in 2025. Maybe one or two, but probably not more. They may prefer to spread major advancements over two or even three years to give the industry some time to return to a certain form of normalcy.

The Return of Great Promotions

To stimulate sales this spring, I expect to see some great promotions during the Snowcheck period for the 2025 models. It will be interesting to see how people react to these offers.

In any case, I won’t have to wait long to see if my predictions come true. In just a few weeks, Polaris will unveil its lineup of 2025 snowmobiles. I will then see if I was wrong again or not! Until then, have a great season everyone!

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