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First Nations Expedition: Day 12 | Mutual Aid and Success

Today, February 7th, marks the twelfth day of the First Nations Expedition. The journey from Fort-Coulonge to Kitigan Zibi has been challenging due to trail conditions. The machines suffer from lack of snow, causing premature wear on parts. Fortunately, people are helping each other to change skis and sliders during our overnight stops; otherwise, many would struggle to continue the journey. We even make repairs before departing in the morning.

Randy Weizineau—Breaking the Mould

This time, I want to talk about my friend Randy Weizineau, a native Attikamek from Opitciwan. He now resides in Kitigan Zibi, in the suburb of Maniwaki. At a very young age, he wanted to take control of his life and “break the mould,” as he says. Consequently, he left home at the age of 12 due to domestic violence. His uncle became his role model. Randy pursued his studies diligently and now holds a leadership position in his community.

randy weizineau, participant of the first nations expedition

We connected instantly from the early days, and I am very happy about it. He is a wonderful person who has succeeded in life and achieved the goal of “breaking the mould” that he set for himself. I am deeply grateful that he opened up to me. Thank you, Randy! We will definitely go snowmobiling together again in the future.

Next stop for the First Nations Expedition: Saint-Michel-des-Saints.

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