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First Nations Expedition: Day 9 | These Inspiring Women

Today, on February 4th, the First Nations Expedition leaves Rouyn-Noranda to head to Témiscaming. We encountered springlike trail conditions, making it the most challenging day for the machines. Some were overheating, and the slides lacked lubrication. We hope it will improve in the coming days, even though the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

Today, I want to talk to you about four inspiring women from the Innu nation. Jade Jourdain, Crystal Jack, Lydia Mckenzie, and Éloise Tremblay are examples of courage and tenacity. These four women are united like the cardinal points to show us the way.

These women of heart don’t let themselves be imposed upon and don’t hesitate to stop our team positioned at the head of the pack when they spot animal tracks or a landscape they want to contemplate. They are hunters, and it shows.

They handle large machines (20 and 24 inches) as easily as if they were pedal bicycles. It must be said that they learned to maneuver these vehicles off-trail from a very young age. I’ve only been getting to know them for a few days, and they truly impress me. It will be very difficult to part ways with them at the end of the journey, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow, we take another break in Témiscaming. So, we’ll be here for two nights and visit the local community.

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