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First Nations Expedition: Day 14 | Saint-Michel-des-Saints To La Tuque

expédition premières nations | first nations expeditiom

On this 9th of February, the First Nations Expedition is nearing its end. We had a fantastic day on old forest trails between Saint-Michel-des-Saints and La Tuque. We also traversed a section of federated trail. Conditions were the best they’ve been in a long time. We were able to make peace with the snow, and our snowmobiles would have thanked us if they could speak.

The hospitality of the host town was superb. We ate very well, and this time we have the luxury of staying in a hotel. The adventure is coming to an end as tomorrow will be our last day. Each one of us is savouring the final moments spent together. We are mentally preparing to bid farewell, a step that will be difficult, given the strong bonds we have developed. We have become brothers and sisters and have lived as a family 24/7 throughout the entire expedition.

Tomorrow, Wendake and Saint-Tite-des-Caps await us if the weather and conditions permit. As I write these lines, it is raining. Will we finish this journey on snowmobiles or by bus…?

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