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First Nations Expedition: Day 8 | The Support Team

Today, on February 3rd, the First Nations Expedition departed from Pikogan towards Rouyn-Noranda. The trail conditions are more challenging in the area due to a lack of snow. Despite this, the team is moving at a good pace. We lost a few participants who had to drop out in the last few days (two or three).

To ensure everything goes smoothly from the start, good organization is crucial. A team of mechanics follows us throughout the day and waits at road crossings just in case someone experiences a breakdown. They tow the workshop trailer with a pickup truck and can load a broken snowmobile to transport it if it’s not immediately repairable.

Land guardians are present and guide us across public roads since the Sûreté du Québec are mostly absent.

There is also a paramedic (Benoit) in our convoy, ready to intervene in the rear group. Additionally, Air Medic follows us with a helicopter ready to take off at any time if something serious occurs!

A support team of six people, each with specific tasks, joins us every evening wherever we are. One of them (Carlos) traveled from Chibougamau to Saguenay to retrieve a broken machine left at a dealership. The participant was then able to resume the journey with us afterward.

In our group, we always support each other. For example, if someone needs to change their belt or fix a minor issue on the trail, we all contribute as much as we can.

In short, without all these people, the First Nations Expedition wouldn’t go as smoothly, and I want to thank them personally and on behalf of all my fellow teammates.

Tomorrow, we head to Témiscamingue for a two-night stop.

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