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First Nations Expedition: Day 10 | Warriors’ Rest

Today, on February 5th, marks the tenth day of the First Nations Expedition, and we have a day off. We spend the day in Témiscaming, where only a river separates us from Ontario. I realize that I have crossed Quebec from one end to the other on a sled to carry the message of reconciliation.

We visited Kebaowek, an Algonquin community about 20-km snowmobile ride away from our accommodation. Yet again, we ate like kings. The people were truly welcoming and happy to see us, as has been the case everywhere we’ve been to date.

Since the beginning, I’ve met extraordinary people from all nations, and I’ve welcomed as a hero every time I enter the village. I still say that I am not ready for such a journey 😁. I hope I will be ready before the end 😊.

Contrary to what many might think, you don’t need permissions to enter these communities. No matter who you are, the locals will always welcome you.

I take this opportunity to introduce you to my new team (respect). Aurèle Dubé (Kitotakan), our team leader, recruited me since someone had to leave.

Tomorrow, the First Nations Expedition heads towards Fort-Coulonge, about 340 km to drive.

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