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The Tekvest Trailsport jacket: protection at its peak!

Tekvest Trailsport

We all have our preparation routine when we’re about to take the leap on our snowmobile for a ride. During this ritual, we pay special attention to our safety gear. How many of you own a Tekvest protective jacket? The percentage is low, even though you’re probably part of the majority that has considered this aspect at some point. This jacket would certainly add an extra layer to your already nearly complete gear.

Why Neglect this Area Where the Majority of our Vital Organs Are Located?

It’s probably the question that constantly haunts you when you’re snowmobiling and you stop to think about the possible dangers that may arise. Even though a protective jacket is not mandatory, you should seriously consider acquiring one. I assure you, once you get used to wearing a Tekvest and, for some reason, you don’t have it on, you’ll feel exposed! That’s the impression we get because it gives us the sense of being well protected. It’s the guarantee that we will return safe and sound after a day of snowmobiling. We do it for ourselves, but above all, for the people we love.

Tekrider, a World-Renowned Company!

The company Tekrider has been designing protective jackets for motorized vehicle enthusiasts since 1996. Its founder, Mr. Steve Brand, has a wealth of experience in this field. In the ’90s, he even participated in one edition of the Harricana Raid. He also served as the Race Director for none other than Ski-Doo many years ago. This goes to show how much Mr. Brand has leveraged his experience to design several models of high-quality protective jackets.

The Latest Addition to Tekvest: The Trailsport

For some time now, I’ve had the opportunity to test the latest creation from Tekrider: the Tekvest Trailsport jacket. This new model aims to be a more economical version. However, they haven’t compromised on the quality of this high-end protective jacket. They use the same materials that have contributed to their success since the beginning. I’ve owned it for several months already, and I also wear it during my quad rides.

Ultra-Resistant Material

The Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene (UHMW) thermoplastic is used for its advantages of strength and lightness. It is custom-milled to be used in Tekvest. It provides superior cut resistance and great flexibility. This material is laminated to a closed-cell vinyl nitrile foam, offering unparalleled comfort and protection.

UHMW polyethylene fabric on the Tekvest Trailsport protective jacket

It’s worth noting that UHMW is stronger, lasts longer, and outperforms other materials in demanding circumstances. It is extremely impact-resistant, tolerates a wide range of temperatures, and resists most chemicals. It’s not surprising that Tekrider uses this type of material for its high-end protective jackets.

What sets this manufacturer apart is their commitment to innovation, constantly seeking to develop upper-body protective jackets that suit everyone. It is in this spirit that they introduced the Trailsport model. Basically a minimalist, economical, and lightweight Tekvest. It is designed with a full front zipper and fabric-covered shoulder pads, making it easy to wear.

Protection Is KEY

You might say it’s just psychological, but this protective jacket gives me a confidence boost. My Tekvest Trailsport makes me feel almost invincible. However, I must warn you that self-confidence does not replace skill. Nevertheless, one thing is certain—this jacket will be there in case of a misstep.

Freedom of Movement.

Fear not, wearing a protective jacket will not hinder your ability to engage in activities. It weighs just over 2 lb, which is very negligible. Quickly, we forget its presence as it becomes a second skin. Moreover, it provides additional warmth and insulation during my activities.

Available for Everyone.

It would be a mistake to believe that protective jackets like those offered by Tekrider Tekvest are reserved for racers or off-road enthusiasts. Regardless of your type of snowmobiling, you are entitled to superior protection. Accidents are common on groomed trails, and a wrong move could lead to serious consequences if you are not adequately protected.

As an example, I have a close friend who experienced a very serious snowmobiling accident. An unfortunate incident occurred when another snowmobiler was riding in his lane, in the opposite direction, in a curve. The result: multiple broken ribs, the removal of a kidney, a week in intensive care, and a lot of uncertainty for his family.

The moral of this story is better safe than sorry. This unfortunate event will certainly not stop my friend René from snowmobiling. However, from now on, he will wear a Tekvest protective jacket to protect himself.

Challenge Them!

At Tekrider-Tekvest, nothing is impossible. They can design protective jackets with customization according to their clients’ preferences. Whether you want a specific colour or logo, they will cater to your every desire. The only limits are your imagination in designing the protective jacket that reflects your image.

In conclusion, the cost of acquiring such a jacket should be considered an investment in our physical well-being. Weighing the pros and cons, ultimately, the purchase of a protective jacket is worth it. Moreover, your family will be more reassured to see you embark on a ride armoured with a protective jacket such as the Tekvest Trailsport.

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