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2025 RMK Khaos Slash: Lighter, Faster, and More Fun Than Ever!

My top pick of Polaris’ mountain lineup during this year’s Snow Shoot was the 2025 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155 with the Series 9 3.25″ track. This amazing mountain package from Polaris was a fantastic combination of lightweight, playful, responsive, precise and most of all fun.

For model year 2025, Polaris has enhanced an already amazing mountain lineup. They made some enhancements and trimmed up to 7 lb off some of their mountain sled packages. Let’s look at how they slimmed down their mountain sleds and why the 2025 RMK Khaos Slash is my number one pick from Polaris.

Sled Specifications and Options.

  • 2025 Matryx RMK Khaos
  • Patriot 9R Engine
  • 155 Slash Tunnel
  • 2″ Series 9 Track
  • Walker Evans Velocity Shocks
  • 7S Display.

rmk khaos slash

What Features did Polaris Modify for 2025?

Schematics of an RMK Khaos Slash with a summary of all modifications made

Lightweight Steel Drive Shaft (9R and Boost Models Only)

The redesigned lightweight drive shaft is made completely out of steel. It reduces the weight of the 9R and Boost models by one pound. In the past, Polaris would use a bonded drive shaft on those models. The new steel drive shaft also has dual extrovert drivers with the same 3.5-inch pitch as previous models.

Lightweight LED Headlight (All RMK Models)

The new LED headlight is replacing the previous NightBlade headlight. With this, Polaris has lightened up the headlight assembly by 2.5 lb. This lighting system also has a wider beam pattern for better slow-speed mountain night riding. By having a wider light pattern, a mountain rider will have a better peripheral view. This will help searching for a hole in the trees or route out of the mountains at night.

Throttle System (All RMK Models)

All RMKs have a totally redesigned throttle system, from the throttle body out. They have the same core throttle body, but with a revised cam and new sealed cable design. It also has a new throttle flipper made from a completely new material, with a new shape. This new design will shed snow, instead of collecting it between the throttle and throttle block like a traditional design would. With this redesigned throttle, there are no ergonomic changes. It feels the same to the rider when you’re using it. I didn’t notice much difference myself, except it might be slightly smoother than the previous design when using the throttle.

Running Boards (9R & Boost Models Only)

For model year 2025, Polaris redesigned the running boards for the 9R & Boost models. The manufacturer is always focused on making their sleds lighter, while maintaining strength in their products. The other reason for this redesign is to reduce snow buildup on the running boards. This also contributes to reducing weight, and allows the rider to place their feet in any location on the running boards for a better body position. Most of the time, when my feet slip off the running boards, it is because of an accumulation of snow. Therefore, any reduction in snow buildup is appreciated. This design change seemed to work well out on the mountain. I also noticed a reduction in snow building up in the back corner of the running board.

Polaris designed the new running boards with a 45 degree chamfer along the bottom of the tunnel that helps shed snow. It is also the attachment point for the running boards.

Pro-Seat (9R & Boost Models Only)

For 2025, Polaris has lowered the seat for the 9R and Boost models. It still has the same width and length as before, but its height is now one inch lower. Additionally, the overall weight of the seat is approximately one pound lighter.

Lightweight Serviceable Suspension Pads (9R & Boost Models Only)

The lightweight suspension pads used to be part of the tunnel. That made it hard to replace if a rider ripped one off. Now, with the new design, they are both serviceable and removable. And they still maintain the strength and integrity of the older style.

Patriot 9R Engine

The Patriot 9R motor package has been, and will continue to be, a favourite of mountain riders looking for a quick-responding powerplant for tight, technical tree sections. The 9R engine has a lightning quick low-end snap, powerful mid-range, and pulls well on the top end. It does this while delivering power in a smooth, manageable power band. It is the perfect combination for technical mountain riders. The philosophy this motor was built on—Lighter, Faster & Stronger—is what makes it such a great engine for mountain riders. It is what keeps me coming back to take this 9R RMK Khaos Slash for another ride.


The Khaos chassis has a fun, playful, and free-flowing personality. It is a snowmobile that speaks to the very essence of why I ride. It takes less rider input to get the Khaos up on edge, and it likes to wheelie more than the Pro chassis. It’s not quite as precise in the steep treed sections, but, in my opinion, makes up for it with all the fun you’re going to have on all the other sections of the mountain. Don’t get me wrong, the Khaos performs extremely well. It performs so well that there’s not a section on the mountain that I haven’t taken this platform into with confidence.

Series 9 3.25″ Track

The Series 9 3.25″ track is a performer. It grabs a lot of snow, creating great drive and propulsion of the sled. This causes the sled to jump up on top of the snow quickly, and float there with plenty of traction. Perhaps my favourite part of the new track, however, is the amount of lift and how playful it makes the front of the snowmobile feel. When riding with this track, I can feel how fast the momentum builds under power. The sled feels light, playful and maneuverable, because of how much traction it gets.

rmk khaos slash

Polaris continues to enhance, improve, and, to my astonishment, lighten their mountain lineup. Losing some weight is one thing, but shedding 7 pounds off an already light sled is truly impressive. I’m all for making a mountain sled lighter, because it truly matters in the backcountry. But that’s not why I picked this sled as my favourite. The reason I picked the 2025 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155 with the Series 9 3.25″ is because of how much fun it was to ride. It’s lightweight and playful, easy to initiate turns, and it has the high-performing 9R motor. But mostly, it kept putting a smile on my face every time I took it for a ride.

rmk khaos slash

The 9R motor package has limited stocks and is only available during Snowcheck, so don’t delay. For more information about Polaris’ Model Year 2025 snowmobiles, and to Snowcheck your next year’s Polaris, visit their website quickly!

rmk khaos slash

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