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Boost Indy VR1 Dynamix 2025 — My Choice Once More, But in an Improved Version

indy vr1 2025

Polaris has chosen the launch of its 2025 range to present the “snowmobile” version of its semi-active Dynamix suspension. For this first year, the Dynamix is offered in limited edition for only one model, the Indy VR1. However, buyers can choose this snowmobile with one of the following three engines: The Patriot 650, the Patriot 850, or the Patriot Boost. You’ve probably already guessed my Polaris favourite for 2025. Indeed, the 2025 Boost Indy VR1 Dynamix has deployed all its assets to conquer my heart during the Snow Shoot. So here’s how it quickly won me over.

indy vr1 2025

Matryx Chassis— A Long-Time Love Affair

Those who know me well are aware of my fondness for the Matryx chassis. It’s a platform that offers a slightly higher riding position than the competition. I find this very comfortable, especially on long rides. Additionally, it provides excellent trail visibility.

Like many riders, I rely heavily on using my legs in the corners. I push hard on the outside while pulling on the inside. The snowmobile stays firmly planted in the twisty sections even at higher speeds. The footrests are well suited for me. Some find them too narrow, but personally, I don’t have this issue.

The ergonomics of the snowmobile make it easy to shift from left to right when navigating series of successive turns. Moreover, the control block to the left of the handlebar is well designed. You quickly get used to the position of each button.

The 2025 Indy VR1, equipped with a mid-height windshield, provides excellent protection against wind and weather. I haven’t noticed excessive snow buildup on the running boards. They remain clear most of the time, which is a feature I particularly appreciate.

Patriot Boost Engine

The naturally aspirated Patriot 850 engine doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. It offers a beautiful power curve. Its turbocharged version, the Patriot Boost, takes us to the next level. Its accelerations, post-corner recoveries, and overall behaviour are remarkable. I’ll admit, it’s much more power than necessary for trail riding in Quebec, where the limit is 70 km/h. However, if you have the chance to ride in places where this limit doesn’t exist, get ready to wear your biggest smile!

Dynamix Semi-Active Suspension

A few years ago, I had the chance to test the Polaris RZR XP Pro Turbo Ultimate Dynamix, a side-by-side equipped with a semi-active suspension that left a lasting impression on me. In my opinion, this vehicle was in a league of its own and redefined the driving experience of a side-by-side.

Since then, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Polaris to introduce the “snowmobile” version of the Dynamix suspension. The operating principle of this semi-active suspension is different from the competition. To learn more, I invite you to read this article on the subject.

Now, the question was whether the Dynamix would live up to my expectations… I can say that Polaris has hit the mark! It’s impressive to test the three offered modes. They enhance comfort and ease of driving, regardless of the trail conditions.

Speaking of the three modes… I love that Polaris has added specific control for mode selection. While it requires your left hand to leave the handlebar to activate it, you can change modes safely while riding.

During my test at the Snow Shoot, I couldn’t test this snowmobile as much as I would have liked. However, my impressions remain very positive. So, I’ve requested to ride the Boost Indy VR1 Dynamix 2025 next year. This will allow me to thoroughly explore this new suspension.

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