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MDX Performance Ice Scratchers Review

grattoirs à neige MDX Performance Ice scratchers

Gone are the days of carrying dish soap, PL-100, or any other products to lubricate your sliders so they don’t overheat on icy trails. No more chasing after bits of snow when your sliders stick. Allow me to introduce the MDX Performance ice scratchers. Of Quebec origin, MDX Performance specializes in no-drill ice scratchers, primarily designed for Polaris snowmobiles. This winter, I have the opportunity to test their set for the Polaris Switchback Assault 2023. However, it is also possible to get them for other makes or models of snowmobiles.

grattoirs à neige MDX Performance ice scratchers


From the very first ride on an icy surface, I could observe the effectiveness of these ice scratchers. Right off the bat, the sliders remain well lubricated and do not overheat. Additionally, the engine temperature stays at the right level, preventing overheating. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about these ice scratchers when going in reverse. They cannot break thanks to their well-thought-out design.

Easy Installation

No need to be a mechanic to install the MDX Performance ice scratchers. Installation is truly easy. All necessary materials come with the kit; all that’s missing is your tools. The plate with a hook, for storage when trail conditions are normal, is also well designed.

grattoirs à neige MDX Performance ice scratchersgrattoirs à neige MDX Performance ice scratchers

No Drilling Required

MDX Performance ice scratchers make use of the existing holes on the rails for attachment. Drilling is, therefore, not required on the majority of models. This is a significant advantage that preserves the integrity of the structure. It also allows for easy removal when changing snowmobile. Please note, however, that drilling may be necessary for some models.

A Strong Recommendation

In the past, I tried ice scratchers from another brand whose name escapes me. At that time, the test wasn’t very conclusive. With the MDX Performance ice scratchers, it is quite the opposite. I can affirm that they really do the job and even surpass my expectations. I highly recommend them!

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