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Polaris Supports the Development and Maintenance of Snowmobile and ATV Trails.

Programme Trails Grant de Polaris

Polaris Inc., a major player in the snowmobile and ATV industry, has recently announced grants totaling over $100,000 to snowmobile and ATV clubs in the United States and Canada. This initiative is part of its TRAILS GRANTS program, focused on promoting safe riding, supporting trail preservation, and protecting the environment.

Polaris’s TRAILS GRANTS program has rewarded 25 organizations in 19 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces, allocating a total of nearly $250,000 this year. These grants are dedicated to various projects, ranging from trail maintenance to education on responsible riding.

Local snowmobile and ATV clubs and associations, true pillars of outdoor communities, greatly benefit from this support. Polaris recognizes their efforts, thereby contributing to the preservation of natural spaces for future generations of enthusiasts. The awarded funds are designated for essential projects such as trail maintenance, track safety, and the repair of damaged infrastructure.

Steve Menneto, president of the Off-Road division at Polaris, emphasizes the collective impact of these organizations and Polaris’s pride in supporting their initiatives. Similarly, presidents of local clubs have expressed their gratitude to Polaris for its invaluable assistance in carrying out crucial projects for the sustainability of these sports.

Polaris soutien le développement et l'Entretien des Sentiers de Motoneige

Since the launch of the TRAILS GRANTS program in 2006, Polaris has supported over 370 organizations in the United States and Canada, with grants exceeding $3.3 million. These funds, awarded twice a year, support the efforts of nonprofit organizations and local clubs for the development and maintenance of trails, as well as educational initiatives on safety and responsible riding.

In conclusion, Polaris’s commitment to the development and maintenance of snowmobile and ATV trails is not only a cornerstone for the preservation of natural spaces but also a crucial driver for the continuity and safety of outdoor activities. Their support for local clubs is a testament to their commitment to communities and the environment.

Congratulations on this commendable initiative!

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